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Pregnant with Roots?

June 2, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Inspiration, Pregnancy

hairrootsPregnancy is a beautiful thing. Your skin glows, you smile more and you’re bringing in a new life into this world. Still, there is always an endless list of do’s and don’ts for you while you’re pregnant. For those of you who color your hair, the question of whether or not you should still keep up the routine at the hair salon comes into play. Some will say that it won’t cause any harm to the baby, while others vote against it. Scientific studies show there isn’t a “real” risk when getting your hair colored, but there are ways to make it even safer for the life developing inside.

When’s the right time?

It’s important to go get your roots touched up at the right time during your pregnancy. Generally, doctors would recommend you wait until your second trimester before booking your appointment. Most of the major organ development is complete in the second trimester, so it reduces the risk of underdevelopment. This doesn’t just include the roots but any chemical service at the salon (perms, highlights, etc).

How much is too much?

All color is relatively safe. With that being said, it’s recommended you stick to a gentle application such as highlights and lowlights. All-over color usually saturates the scalp, causing direct skin contact while highlights and lowlights never really touch your skin. To take an extra precaution, talk to your stylist about more natural color lines for the time being. Aveda hair color is known for being one of the most natural colors on the market and will cause less harm if it comes in contact with your scalp.

What about the fumes?

The smell of hair color can be too much for anyone, even if you’re not expecting it. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when you get your hair done. That aroma you smell is ammonia in the color. You can also discuss some ammonia-free color options with your stylist. Aveda’s color line is also ammonia free, which combats the fumes.

So, if you were worried about getting your hair touched up during those nine months, then worry no further. You can still rock amazing hair while you’re waiting for your bundle of joy!

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5 Responses to “Pregnant with Roots?”

  1. Liz Reidy says:

    second trimester

  2. Gina says:

    Second trimester

  3. AB says:

    The second trimester.

  4. Cat Blackshere says:

    wait until your second trimester

  5. Dana says:

    Second Trimester