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How Often Should Men Get A Haircut?

May 24, 2016 · Posted in: Hair, Inspiration

Mens HaircutThere’s nothing like a fresh cut after you’ve left the salon or barbershop. Even after a week or so, your hair still looks good. But how long exactly should you be waiting for your next trip to the hairstylist? For the most part, it depends on the type of haircut you have. An undercut that has tapered sides and that’s longer up top usually has you coming back every three to six weeks as the sides grow out.

Providing Details about your Hair

A new stylist will always ask you how long ago your last haircut was and how you usually style your hair. Well, these common questions aren’t just typical stylist small talk. The information you provide helps your stylist better understand the type of cut that will work best. The main goal is to have a cut that will look good after you’ve showered and after it’s grown a bit.

Not every hairstyle will work for your texture; keeping an open mind is important. Having a few different examples of the type of haircuts you like can help your hairstylist visualize what they will look like on you. Your stylist is the best person to talk to about what style your hair can manage. Some looks take a lot of time and effort in the morning to look perfect, while others take less care and maintenance.

The more information you provide to your stylist, the better understanding they will have about your hair. You’re the only one that truly knows the little kinks your hair goes through. Is it wavy, thick, or hard to style? Make sure you know the answer to these types of questions so your stylist can give you a cut that is tailored to you.

The In-Between Cut

How fast your hair grows and how fresh you’d like it to look will determine how often you come in for a new cut. Usually, most clients like to stick to the 3-6 week time frame. Some like to come in a week to two weeks after a cut to get a clean-up. A clean-up is where your stylist lines up your neck and sideburns. This is a nice little step in between haircuts that will have your hair looking better for longer. After a few times of getting your hair cut, you should be able to set a routine for haircuts and cleanups. You don’t want to come in too often because that can cause your cut too be too short, but you shouldn’t wait too long either.

Even though long hairstyles are coming back, it’s still important to keep your routine. The older you get, the more you realize you don’t need to have unruly, grungy-looking hair. Even longer haircuts need a shape-up in between. When you’re heading out of town or have an event to go to, try booking your haircut two to three days prior. This will help you understand how to style it, and it gives the haircut time to settle.

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