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Extensions vs Summer: Make the most of your hair

July 14, 2016 · Posted in: Extensions, Hair


It’s hard enough to keep your natural hair healthy in the summer between sweat, salt, sun and chemicals; but those of who choose long flowy locks over convenience know the struggles the warm weather brings to extensions. Summer time doesn’t have to be a thing to dread when it comes to taking care of your extensions. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to keep them nice and healthy during this humid time of year. Here’s how to keep your bonded and tape-in extensions nice and healthy while still enjoying the sunshine.

The problem isn’t the hair itself. Since good quality extensions are typically made of human hair, you should be able to just treat it as you would your natural hair. The problems lie within the bonds and the tape itself. That’s where the extensions become fragile and break off. For each type of extension, there is a different enemy. For bonded extensions, water is when they become the most fragile. It’s okay to swim, but just make sure that you’re not underwater and soaking them for too long. Also, make sure you rough dry your hair every time you come out of the water to ensure the longevity of the bonds. You don’t have to dry your whole head either. As long as the bonds themselves are dry, then the rest of your locks are safe to air dry as normal. You should also plan on wearing your hair up to avoid tangles while under water. A loose, low braid is perfect to keep your extensions from becoming a mess. Don’t just throw it up in a pony tail- pony tails can be tight and tear at the bonds, making them more likely to fall out later.

Tape-in extensions are a little different when it comes to what to watch out for. Skin care products and the sun are your biggest threats. Lotion, moisturizers or anything that’s slick that goes on the face is bound to seep its way into your hairline. This will cause the edges of the tape to start coming off and loose its adhesive. Although you should never skip these products- especially in the Summer- make sure you’re washing your hands after you apply to help prevent your tape from peeling up.

Whether it’s ninety outside or subzero temperatures, you should always be gentle with your hair- extensions or not. Look for products that don’t contain sulfate, brush your hair on a regular basis and follow up with your stylist for regular treatments. Just like lotions, conditioner will always cause your tape to slip. Try to apply it a few inches away from the tape itself to prevent any unwanted slipping. Shampooing only a few times a week and being caution while washing your hair will help prevent any unnecessary tugging on the roots.

You should make sure you’re brushing your hair everyday, especially if you have extensions. When you get your extensions, ask your stylist to order you a special brush along with the hair. These brushes are designed to be very gently on the bonds and tape. When you use your regular brush on them, the teeth actually do more tugging than tangling resulting in fallout. If you want to go the extra mile, gently gather and hold sections of your hair near the tape/bond and focus more on the ends.

When it comes to leave-in serums, don’t shy away from leave in conditioners and detangles. This actually helps maintain the integrity of the extensions and aids to keep them from tangling up in the wind. Just be mindful of your roots and where the bonds/tape are applies and focus on the ends of the hair rather than all over. All in all, don’t stray from the idea of having longer, thicker hair just because you don’t think the summer agrees with them. All it takes it just a little more love and you’re good to go.

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