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Your Extension Checklist

August 31, 2016

The end of summer is finally within arm’s reach. The long, hot days are getting cooler, and the crisper air starts to roll in. You might be less tempted to call your stylist up and chop all your hair off to spare yourself from sweat and bad hair days. Finally, it will start getting cool… Read More

Extensions vs Summer: Make the most of your hair

July 14, 2016

It’s hard enough to keep your natural hair healthy in the summer between sweat, salt, sun and chemicals; but those of who choose long flowy locks over convenience know the struggles the warm weather brings to extensions. Summer time doesn’t have to be a thing to dread when it comes to taking care of your… Read More

Taking Care of your Extensions

May 13, 2016

Hair extensions began growing in popularity in the 1950s. Nowadays, there are tons of salons that offer extension services. Whether you’re looking for length, thickness or a pop of color, extensions can completely change the look of your hair. They are an investment, so it’s important to know the proper care. If you want your… Read More

Need a Change? Your Hair Can Make a Big Difference!

January 21, 2016

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to recharge and change things about yourself. That’s why new year’s resolutions are so popular. If you feel like your look has gotten a little old or you haven’t taken enough chances lately, changing your hair style can really go a long way. We don’t… Read More

5 Tips for Tape-In Hair Extensions

December 30, 2015

We love tape-in hair extensions. They’re one of the newer types of extensions available and offer a natural and comfortable look. Although maintenance is fairly simple, daily upkeep will keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible. Below are 5 tips for those with tape-in extensions. Use Quality Extensions High quality extensions will… Read More