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Fall Beauty Trends For 2017

October 19, 2017 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Fashion, Hair, Inspiration

Fall is finally in full swing and we’re about ready to stuff our summer clothes away and adapt to the chillier season. With a new season comes a new trend just waiting for you to try! Clothing stores already dress their mannequins with all the latest fall fashions, but we’re here to give you the scoop about what to expect for hair and makeup when the days get shorter. So, if you’re ready to change like the leaves, read ahead to inspire your fall ‘look’.



Fall Fashion 1There’s a haircut for everyone this fall, so don’t worry if you’re looking to keep your locks long or if you’ve already plunged into a shorter haircut. For gals with curly hair, longer layers are in to give you a great shape and a heavy bottom (think Solange Knowles for inspiration!) If you have long hair and are looking to change it up ever so slightly, wispy face framing is back in! Think of your standard 90s pony with a few pieces hanging loose in the front. Just as your stylist to frame around your face and pull those out whenever you’re sporting a pony or even a bun. If your hair is barely below or right at your shoulders, crops are in this season! The all one length cut is sleek, stylish and gives great shape. For everyone who is worried the lack of layers may flatten out their look, don’t worry! The modern shag is another great style that’s back! Ask for layers with some texture and add some piece-y bangs to edge up the look. Finally, for those out there who prefer the short look, why not take it all the way? Buzz cuts are hot for this fall and give you a great, chic, low-maintenance look. Not to mention, if you’re suffering from damaged locks, this may be perfect for you to give you a fresh start to healthy hair.


Fall Fashion 2Lazy people, rejoice! The first color trend we’re seeing this season is a root-y blonde look which is beautiful blonde hair without the harsh outgrowth. If you’ve always wanted lighter hair, but dread the constant upkeep every time your dark roots begin to show, this is the look for you. To achieve this, ask your stylist for a heavy balayage that doesn’t go all the way up to your roots. The result is a beautifully feathered transition from dark to light without any harsh lines. This style is perfect to let it grow out longer than traditional highlights which means farther apart appointments.

Speaking of blonde, platinum hair is in too! It’s important to talk to your stylist before deciding to go platinum. Upkeep is always a thing to keep in mind as well as the damage it may cause to get you light enough. Still worried about the outgrowth? Ask for a root-y platinum look and work two trends with one style. If you don’t have any desire to go blonde, but still want some dimension, then look no further! Caramel highlights are here for the chilly season! Subtle highlights give you depth and a sun kissed look without looking too striking or too overbearing. Plus, they won’t look too stripy against your dark hair which is always a win.

If you do not want to brighten your look with a complete platinum makeover, but you still want to go blonde, there’s an in-between option we think you might love: butterscotch No, we’re not talking about the food, but the perfect in between for those who don’t want to go as bright or those with a deeper skin tone. Butter scotch blond is that perfect shade that sits right in the middle of brown and blonde. It’s soft, gentle, but still gives you that striking lighter look.

For those of you who like to step way outside the box, pastel is back! This time, instead of your whole head looking like a majestic unicorn, it’s toned down a bit. This year, it’s all about streaks, strands and pops of delicately colored strands that stand out against your natural hair color. This color technique may even be office friendly, just make sure to run it by your boss before making a plunge.



Fall Fashion 3When it comes to makeup, this season is taking your out of your comfort zone. Metallic eyes are in and not just to highlight your brow or the inner corners. Metallic shadows have been taking center stage as the focal point of eye looks with shimmery shades swept across the entire lid. For a more ‘halo’ affect, use a matte shadow on the outer and inner corners of your lids and blend across into the crease. Then, pop metallic shadow onto the center for a bright-eyed look.

If you’re not into shine, don’t worry. Smudged out black liner is in too! With the 90s coming around in full swing, it’s no wonder we’re seeing these grungy looks. To achieve a perfect smoked out liner without looking too messy, start by gently liner under your lower water line with a black liner. Then, smudge it out and add a dark shadow to smoke it out even more. Not into dramatic eye looks? This season’s also got you covered. Softer, lighter smoky eyes are in. Swap out your harsh blacks for soft grays and taupe to really lighten up the mood. This keeps you soft and feminine while still having sultriness to you.


Fall Fashion 4Like we said before, the 90s are in! This goes the same for our lips as well. This fall is all for dark lips. These colors range from burgundy, to wine red to brown. To achieve dark lips without fear of feathering, make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Then, line and fill with a matching liner and top with your favorite lipstick. Finally, line your mouth with concealer fixing any weird lines and set everything with translucent setting powder.

Not feeling a bold lip? Lip gloss is also making its way back onto the shelves. The past couple of years, we’ve been bombarded with liquid lipsticks who’ve brought ‘matte’ to a whole new level. Now, it’s time to gloss it out once again. You can wear a tinted gloss by itself, or pair with your favorite lipstick. Start by dabbing some gloss on the middle of your lips and blend outward. You don’t want to apply too much to avoid sticky lips.

So, there you have it. It looks like this Fall is going to be filled with all sorts of trends walking around! So, what’s your favorite fall trend? Maybe this is the year you’ll step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You never know, you may like it!

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