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Are you ready for something drastic?

March 28, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Inspiration

Drastic Hair Change 1

The past few years have been filled with all sorts of new and exciting hair trends. One of the most popular trends is bright and colorful hair. Whether you want to try out this trend or you’re just looking to drastically change your look, check out these tips before booking the appointment.

Be prepared to sacrifice some length

If you’re looking to go drastic, your ends are going to suffer. Coloring and lightening your hair can result in breakage or fragile ends. This is usually solved by cutting off anywhere from one to several inches of hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Make sure you know what you’re getting into – especially if you have a shorter cut. Being open to cutting off some length will help with the process.

It can come with a price

Going from dark to extremely light isn’t a walk in the park. Be prepared to put some money down. Usually, a drastic color change can result in multiple visits to the salon in order to achieve the final look. So make sure you have time and money prepared for when you’re ready. Booking a consultation with your stylist will help you get a better understanding of the cost and time the process will take.

Know your hair

Drastic Hair Change 1

Make sure you know the condition of your hair before you talk with a stylist. Do you use heat tools regularly? How often do you deep condition? Has your hair been chemically treated before? If previously dyed, was it professional color or box color from the drugstore? These questions are important to ask yourself so that your stylist can be aware of the state of your hair. The more information you can provide to your stylist, the better your outcome will be. This helps them understand how much your hair can take and any undertones that might occur during the lightening process.

Really put some thought into it

Give yourself some time to think about how this change will affect you. Whether you’re getting a drastic cut or color, you will end up looking a little different than you did before. Make sure that this is going to be what you’re looking for and something you will stick with. Changing hair color will do some damage on your hair and will need some time to heal before you go in and get another color.

Invest in some products

You should already have some protective styling products at home for your hair, but it doesn’t hurt to purchase some new ones for your new look. If you’re going lighter, Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstructing Treatment is a great weekly deep conditioner that helps repair your ends. Moroccanoil’s original oil treatment will also help restore a healthy shine to your hair. Your stylist will help you choose products designed for your new hair.

Follow Up

Getting a dramatic color change is not only exciting but is also something that has a lot of upkeep that goes along with it. Whether you’re looking to go pastel, bright or ultralight blonde, there is always going to be upkeep. From toners to root touch ups, this can be time consuming. So, before you make the plunge, make sure you’re ready to spend more time and money than you normally would at the salon. To get the best color, always visit your stylist and have a professional do your color. Changing to a more dramatic hair color at home is risky and can result in severely damaged hair.

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