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2017 Hair Trends

January 26, 2017 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Inspiration, Stylists Picks

It’s a brand new year and we all know what that means: a fresh new set of trends to roll into the spring season. While we’re still tucking our hair into our scarves and under our hats, let’s take a moment to focus on the future of sunny days and stylish hair to brighten the mood.

We’re tossing out 2016 trends and replacing them with new looks!

No more middle parts. Hello bangs!

Middle parts were big in 2016 giving off a ‘fringe-less’ appearance, but as we close out the year, we’re also closing off that gap. 2017 is all about long bangs that go slightly pass your eyebrows giving you Zoey Deschanel vibes. Keeping them right at the eye (or a little above) is the perfect length to change up your look without making a big commitment. On days where you don’t feel like having bangs, the length gives you the option to push them to the side for a stylish, side swept look. Stop in and see your stylist for bang trims to keep them out of your eyes and looking sharp. Bang trims with your XEX stylist is complimentary in between haircuts.


Keep the texture!

Keratin treatments and Brazillian Blowouts were all the hype in 2016, but in 2017, it’s all about embracing your natural hair. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or extremely curly, rocking your natural texture helps save any hassle of blowing out your hair straight every morning (not to mention help with that heat damage!). When styling your natural texture, it’s important to have a conversation with your XEX stylist beforehand. Let them know how you usually wear your hair and what products you’re currently using. If your hair is more on the straighter side of things, don’t worry because perms are back in season!


Time to start growing!

The lob has been in style for longer than we’d like to remember, but now it’s time to start growing out that hair! 2017 is all about longer, pass the shoulder looks. Whether you plan to grow it out passed your collarbone or down to your back, long hair is back! To keep up this look, you should see your XEX stylist for regular trims to keep your ends looking smooth. You should also make sure you’re taking precautions to protect your hair from the elements (such as the sun and heat) in order to have long, healthy hair. Talk to your XEX stylist about which products are right for your hair to keep it intact. For those of us who want longer hair now, extensions are the way to go! They’ll give you that long look you want without the time it takes to grow it out.


Or…Chop it off

If you’ve fallen in love with your short hair, but you’re ready for something a little different, don’t worry! Along with long hair, 2017 is bringing us bolder cuts to help satisfy our short hair craving. These can range from undercuts, graphics, side shaves or geometrical cuts that really make a statement. Some of us may not be ready for such a dramatic change- especially those of us who have never cut their hair shorter than shoulder length. It’s important to do your research, find a few styles that interest you and take them to your stylist. Consultations are some of the most important appointments you should have. They give you a chance to sit down, chat and help make a decision on the type of hair that’s right for you. At XEX, your consultations are free of charge, so don’t hesitate!


Take it Nude

The media has been bombarded with bright pastels and shocking neons, but now it’s time to embrace neutral colors and all of their beauty. 2017 is all about embracing ‘nude’ blonde which is the perfect tone of blonde for any skin tone. Whether you keep it warm or cool it down, nude/neutral blondes are soft and light while still giving you a change in appearance. If your hair is darker, you will need to prelighten your hair beforehand in order to achieve this look. Talk to your XEX Stylist to see if this color is right for you. If not, there are plenty more trends in store!


Jewel it up!

Are you still holding on to your unnatural hair color? That’s okay, we are too. Luckily, there’s room in 2017 for more wild tones! Last year, it was all about pastels. Now, it’s time to deepen it up with jewel tones. These beautiful, rich shades are just the right amount of pop with the perfect amount of dimension to jazz up your style. With this, you want to stick with deep reds, greens, teals and even purples to give you the right amount of flare.


Keep it soft with Baby Blonde Hair

2017 is bringing us yet another soft hair color this year to embrace natural tones. Baby blonde hair looks soft to the touch and gives your hair a delicate luster. Baby blonde hair is perfect for those of us who choose to keep a more cooler undertone in our blonde as opposed to a bright, golden look. This color combines a soft base with platinum baby lights that break it up are just the combo you need to give you an overall youthful glow and appearance.


The Balayage is sticking around!

Balayage is practically everywhere now and even though most of us expect hair color trends to come and go, this one is not leaving us yet. Instead, it’s warming up! The look this year is Tigers Eye and it’s the perfect dark tone to go if you’re looking to warm up your hair. Stick with a dark, rich color on top (such as a chocolatey brown) and bring through to a caramel balayage to your ends. This will give you an edgy look to your hair without stepping outside of the box too much.

2017 is bringing us some fresh looks in hair this year, and it’s time we start changing it up! Come and see your stylist here at XEX to talk about the next step in your hair journey. Whether you want longer hair, curly hair or just a new look, your stylist will help you fit the style to your personality and needs to help you look and feel your best.

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