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Zoom Makeup: 4 Tips to Look Great on Video Conference Calls

December 30, 2020 · Posted in: Blog, Community, Inspiration

Makeup For Zoom

Gone are the days (for now!) of getting ready for work in the morning, going out to restaurants and happy hours, and coming home exhausted. Here are the days of meetings and hangouts happening over the phone, over Facetime, or over trusty Zoom.

Experiencing life virtually these days has everyone changing up their routines. Whether you’re working from home full-time, or a combination of in and out of the office, maintaining a routine and creating ways for you to enjoy your life in the same ways is as important as ever.

If your routine included a full face of makeup as it does for many working people, you may be missing the days of getting ready, picking your outfit out, and starting your day dressed in the best.

Since most meetings and conference calls are now done virtually, a lot of people have skipped the getting ready stage and have defaulted to a nice shirt on top and sweats on the bottom. With half hazarded hair and makeup, people are lost on how to keep looking professional while working from home.

1. Dark Circles

One of the most prominent and noticeable fixes makeup can do is smooth skin and correct color. The most common issue that people use makeup to hide is dark circles under their eyes. With everything going on in the world these days, it is no surprise that we are all tired and that it’s showing!

If you want to put on a brave, and awake face for your coworkers over Zoom, the first step is covering up your under-eye bags. To do this successfully you will just need a beauty blender and a concealer one shade lighter than your skin color. Blend away and keep your coworkers guessing if you woke up, got ready, and are put together, or are secretly wearing sweats on the bottom while your cat sits on your lap.

2. Define eyebrows and cheeks

A great way to finish off your morning zoom call look is the define your eyebrows and cheeks Since your clients or coworkers can only see your face on a low-quality video call, you can bring your best features forward and maintain what you look like in person by having defined eyebrows and cheekbones.

According to “there are two ways you can get your brows up to sniff: Filling them in with a super-skinny brow pencil […] which gives the most precise, “hair-like” effect, or with a tinted brow gel […] which tames, grooms and tints exactly where you need it in one fast swoop”.

3. Amp up Mascara

Along the same lines as defining your eyebrows, amping up your mascara game while on zoom calls can bring more light into your eyes and drown out the camera’s possible poor quality. Bring in a bright lamp to put behind the computer screen and it will almost feel like you’re in the office once again.

The easiest way to brighten up your eyes is by applying mascara liberally to your lashes, keeping a focus on the outer corners. To bring that extra pop to the look, dab a small amount of white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. says that “Mascara is going to be your best friend because that’s really going to accentuate the perimeter of your eye and make it appear larger,” […]. “If you’re used to one coat of mascara, go a couple more. Layer it up because that is going to give your eye definition.”

4. Lips

It’s arguable that now, more than ever is the time to try new looks and get comfortable doing looks you might not have dared if you had to leave your house. gives the same advice — “In person, you might be afraid to over-line your lips in case it’s too noticeable. Zoom is much more forgiving — no one will be able to tell, even if you over-do it. Deenihan emphasizes that now is the time to try new things and do more than you might in an actual meeting.” If you decide to try overlining your lips, make sure to pic a liner that is close to your natural color, and to finish off with a gloss to give yourself that extra pop.

Final Thoughts on Makeup for Zoom

If you’ve been lucky enough to have been working from home this entire time, I’m sure you have explored the depths of how ugly you can look and how many days you can keep your hair in that messy bun. But simple tricks like these came to amp up your makeup game, and make you feel put together on a daily basis.

When you are stuck at home with no one else to dress up for but your roommates and coworkers, taking this opportunity to try some new looks maybe be one of the perks of staying at home. And we all know when you look good, you feel good.