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Your Skin and Summer

July 13, 2017 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Inspiration

Skin SummerSummer is the perfect time for being outdoors and soaking in the sun while you can. We know it doesn’t last long, so we typically like to spend as much time as possible before fall rolls around and the cool air sets in. However, are you making sure that your skin is staying healthy in the summer? If your routine hasn’t changed since the last snowfall, you may be harming your skin more than you are treating it. Just like the winter, summer comes with its own special obstacles that you have to take into consideration when it comes to skincare. Here are some problems you may run into and the ways to help solve them.

Oilier Skin

In the warmer months, your skin can start producing more oil. The heat can contribute, but your main culprit is the humidity in the air. These conditions cause your oil glands to secrete more. This means more acne. Acne in the summer is also increased by wearing sunscreen and not removing it thoroughly once you’re done with your day. The best way to help your skin with excess oil is investing in a good, oil-free cleanser. Aveda’s Purifying Gel Cleanser is the perfect match for you! It’s designed to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin. If you still feel like your skin isn’t clean enough- sunscreen tends to leave a coat over your skin- then, feel free to cleanse twice. This cleanser is nice and gentle, so you don’t have to worry about stripping your skin of essential oils.

Drier Skin

Whether you live in drier climates or you’re taking a vacation, dry heat can cause just as much damage to your skin as humidity can. As your skin dries out, you start to see it in dry, flakey patches. Even in the air conditioning, the air around you is dry and is helping to dry you out. To combat this, switch your face products to something more hydrating and containing humectants. Humectants are great because they’re designed to lock in moisture and attract humidity. The best way to get moisture into your skin is to use a hydrating face mask. Aveda’s Intensive Hydration face mask is just what your skin needs to plump up. If you use a cream moisturizer, try switching to a serum. Oils in serums help add an extra layer while deeply penetrating your skin to protect from dry heat.

Sun Damage

We all know that the sun is both good and bad for us, but most of us don’t take the extra step to protect our skin. You should always add sunscreen in the summer, even on cloudy days. The sun’s UV rays are still strong enough to cause damage with overcast. Your face should also be protected with sunscreen. Sunscreen can go on underneath your makeup, as long as you allow it to soak into your skin before you start your application. Always make sure to cleanse your skin and clean away any layer of sunscreen that may be left behind.

Swimming is Drying

Whether you’re diving into the ocean or a neighbor’s backyard pool, swimming is also drying out your skin. Now, sea salt water is beneficial to your skin and can help add some lost minerals back into your skin making it soft and healthy. As long as you’re moisturizing after a dip in the sea, salt water can result in healthy, hydrated skin.

Pool water that contains chlorine does not work in this sense. Chlorine is a harsh chemical and tends to strip your skin of its natural oils. After you go swimming in chlorine water, it’s extremely important to rinse off in a shower and wash your body with a cleanser made to help scrub away chlorine build-up. Aveda’s Sun Care line has a body cleanser that helps rid the skin of any layers of chemicals that may be left behind.

So, while you’re enjoying up these last few months of soaking up the sun, be sure that you’re protected. Changing your skincare routine as the weather changes is a surefire way to ensure happy, healthy, glowing skin all year around. If you have any questions about products, feel free to discuss with your stylist. They will be able to either help you or direct you to another professional.

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