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Your Extension Checklist

August 31, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Extensions, Hair


The end of summer is finally within arm’s reach. The long, hot days are getting cooler, and the crisper air starts to roll in. You might be less tempted to call your stylist up and chop all your hair off to spare yourself from sweat and bad hair days. Finally, it will start getting cool enough to get those extensions you’ve always dreamed of, but you may be wondering if they’re right for you. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the decision.

Why Extensions?

The big question you should ask yourself is why you want extensions in the first place. We all have our own reasons, and there isn’t a right answer. Your reason is the only thing that dictates whether or not they are right for you.  Are you looking for something to help boost your confidence? Extensions! They help give you that ‘Hollywood Glam’ feel. Are you looking to step out of the box with your style but don’t want to commit? Extensions are a great way to add a little something more (like color) without bleaching and damaging your natural hair or risking your job. You can now get that blue underlayer you’ve seen all over the web. Did you actually make the chop and now regret it? No worries, extensions can help ease the pain of growing out of that cut. So, there isn’t a right answer, just a best answer that’s designed for your needs.

Are there different types?

Yes, there are multiple types of extensions you can get. Here at XEX, our extension specialists are certified for the following application process:

  • Clip-in extensions are a great temporary fix. They secure in your strands with the use of clips directly attached to the seam of the hair. These are great for adding a non-traditional temporary color or to glam up your look for a special occasion.
  • Tape-in extensions are great for something that’s a little softer on your hair compared to fusion or microbead. These are applied with a special adhesive tape and secured on your hair. If you work out a lot, these might not be the ones for you. Sweat and other moisture loosens up the adhesive and can cause them to slip or even fall out of your hair. If these are your choice, however, add some dry shampoo before you work out to help suck up that moisture.
  • Micro-beads are great because they’re added by individual bundles attached to a small bead and applied to your hair. These are great for those who work out because since they’re not held on by adhesive, they have less room to slip or fall out of your head.
  • Fusion extensions are another form of extension that uses adhesive to apply to your hair. Unlike the tape, these are held on by glue that is then heated and pressed to seal it into your hair. Again these may not be the best choice for those that work out, but with proper care, they will last just as long.

What’s important to ask before I book the actual appointment?

At XEX, we offer complimentary consultations for extensions so you have a chance to sit down and chat with one of our stylists. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible before dropping money on them. Here are some important things to think about bringing up when you stop by the salon:

  • Are they made from real material? Making sure the hair is 100% real- meaning all human and no synthetic materials- is a good first question. We get all of our hair from Donna Bella and assure you that’s it’s all human.
  • Where is it from? Hair comes from two main places: India and Europe. Your hair type will determine where you should get your hair from. If your hair is thick, hair from India would fit you better and if you have thinner hair, hair from Europe is your best bet (though sometimes it is pricier).
  • Are your extensions “Remy hair”? These types of extensions are treated with cuticle bonders to help the hair remain smooth and frizz-free. Every extension we do at our salon is done with Remy Hair.

It’s important to bring up any questions you may have in regards to extensions. Visit our other blog posts to learn even more and don’t forget to talk to your XEX stylist. They’ll be able to help you with any information you need to make the plunge.

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  1. Suzane Roberts says:

    I’m am absolutely 100% satisfied with these extensions!!! The quality is so amazing! I’ve tried different extensions and I must say these are the best!