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Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Seasons 52!

January 15, 2016 · Posted in: High Five Giveaways

Seasons 52 Website

Congratulations to Frank Allen-Leake on winning our 147th High Five Giveaway and thank you to all who entered! Our first High Five Giveaway of 2016 is for a $50 gift certificate to Seasons 52.

About Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is a celebration of what’s good now. Seasonally inspired menus featuring ingredients at their peak of freshness. Rustic cooking techniques like brick oven roasting and open-fire grilling that bring out natural flavors. And an ever-changing selection of global wines. All in a casually sophisticated setting. Discover what’s good now, this and every season.

Seasons 52 is located at 55 East Grand Ave, Chicago. Their phone number is 312-832-1752. Visit their website at

Contest Question

What is the name of one Aveda product that is sulfate-free?

(Hint: Click here for a list of possible answers!)

Now, just add a comment to this post with the right answer to be eligible to win! The winner will be announced on Monday, January 25. Entries must be received by midnight on Sunday, January 24.

All individuals 21 and older are eligible, whether you are a client of XEX or not. Must be able to pick up the gift certificate at XEX, 35 West Wacker Drive, Chicago. Must pick up gift certificate within 30 days. Leaving a comment opts you in for the XEX email list, which is sent out 1-2 times per month. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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41 Responses to “Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Seasons 52!”

  1. Shirley says:

    Enbrightenment™ Cleanser

  2. Ashley says:

    Caribbean Therapy™ Body Wash

  3. Paul says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  4. Sarah says:

    Aveda Scalp Benefit Balancing Shampoo

  5. Kathy says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  6. Amy Christenbury says:

    Pure Comfort™ Eye Makeup Remover

  7. melissa Kats says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  8. Liz R says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  9. Nate says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  10. erica says:

    Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo!

  11. Cassandra says:

    Outer Peace™ Foaming Cleanser

  12. Dana Scott says:

    Aveda Invanti Shampoo

  13. Nedelina says:

    Aveda Scalp Benefit Balancing Shampoo

  14. nisha preman says:

    aveda invati shampoo

  15. Maria Lis says:

    Aveda Invati shampoo

  16. Etta McKenna says:

    Average Scalp Benefit Balancing Shampoo

  17. Elizabeth M. says:

    Aveda Enbrightenment Cleanser

  18. Stellan D says:

    Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo

  19. Elisabeth says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  20. Jon Walker says:

    Invati shampoo

  21. Angelique Curley says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  22. Bobby Curley says:

    Aveda Enbrightenment Cleanser

  23. dpham says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo. PS, I love Seasons 52. They have the best-sized dessert too!

  24. Lauren says:

    Caribbean Therapy body wash

  25. dana says:

    Enbrightenment Cleanser

  26. Evelyn Perez-Horita says:

    Green Science Perfecting Cleanser

  27. KC says:

    Invati Shampoo

  28. christine oliver says:

    could it be Aveda Dry Remedy?

  29. Martha says:

    Aveda Scalp Benefit Balancing Shampoo

  30. Maya says:

    Aveda Invanti Shampoo

  31. jane says:

    Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo

  32. Julia says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  33. Marilyn says:

    Pure Comfort Eye Make-up Remover

  34. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  35. Olivia B says:

    Aveda invanti shampoo

  36. mark says:

    Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo

  37. Brynn Freeman says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  38. deanna chang says:

    Aveda Invati Shampoo

  39. Tina M. says:

    Pure Comfort™ Eye Makeup Remover

  40. Ashley says:

    Aveda dry remedy shampoo

  41. Margaret says:

    Aveda damage remedy restructuring shampoo