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Why Get Keratin?

April 25, 2018 · Posted in: Hair, Inspiration, Keratin

The days are getting longer and summer is finally approaching. Alongside sunshine and festivals, there is also high heat and humidity causing excessive frizz. Some of us can survive with a few products, but there are those of us who just can’t seem to keep the frizz away no matter what we try. Well, have you tried a Keratin treatment? Keratin treatments are designed to smooth out the hair giving off a sleek appearance. Read on to find out why you should get one.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is the main protein in hair and nails. If your hair is porous either naturally or from damage, chances are you are also lacking some keratin proteins. A lack of keratin in the hair can lead to dry, damaged and breaking strands. A Keratin treatment will help you prevent all this by filling in the holes and adding that keratin protein back into your hair. The results are a sleek, shiny look that can even be easier for you to blow dry and style on your own.

What to Expect

Getting a keratin treatment can take you some time in the chair. At XEX, we offer two types of services: Keratin and Keratin Express treatments. Both yield the same results, but they do differ in process. An express Keratin lasts 6-8 weeks and is usually an hour and a half visit with your stylist. A full Keratin treatment lasts you six months, but will vary from person to person as far as how long you’ll spend at the appointment. These can take at least a couple of hours to complete, but will last you a lot longer.

Your hair will be saturated first with the solution. This will coat the hair and allow the porosity to fill in. After it sits, the stylist will then shampoo you with a keratin safe shampoo and condition with a keratin safe conditioner. Then, your hair is blown out and flat ironed to really seal in the treatment.

After Care

Another thing that is different when it comes to a full Keratin treatment and the express is the aftercare. An express treatment is done when you leave the salon. This means that, besides special products, you don’t need to take any special precautions.

A full Keratin treatment isn’t so simple. The first important thing to note is that you have to wait 72 hours before you can get your hair wet. This means: no washing, rinsing, sweating or getting caught in the rain. In this time, you also should wait to use any styling accessories in your hair. Keratin treatments leave hair in a very sensitive state for the first 72 hours. Wearing any sort of barrettes, headbands, hair-ties, glasses (over your hair/pressing against the hair) or hats will all result in dents wherever the accessory was placed. So, it’s best just to grab some keratin safe dry shampoo after your visit to keep your hair looking good while you’re waiting for the 72 hours to be up. You can use a silk scarf to gently tie hair back from the face, but make sure not to tie it too tight.

If your hair does end up getting wet before time is up, you should immediately blow dry and flat iron it. If you’re concerned about the state of the keratin even after you do this, go see your stylist to see what they can do to help.

Products for Keratin Treatments

It’s extremely important that all your products are safe to use for keratin-treated hair. All your products should be free of sulfates and sodium chloride. These chemicals have the tendency to remove the treatment from the hair leaving frizzy, dull results. XEX stocks Keratin Complex shampoos, conditioners and treatments to help keep your hair lasting. We carry both color care and purple shampoos and conditioners, so whatever your hair, we have you covered.

Your stylist will be more than happy to help you choose products that fit your lifestyle and also suit a Keratin treatment. If you follow a certain ritual in the morning, let your stylist know what your go-to products are. If they’re not keratin-safe, we’ll find you an alternative that is!

If you suffer from summertime frizz, are longing for sleek and shiny hair or just want to be able to style your hair quicker, a Keratin treatment may be for you. Not every hair type should get a keratin treatment, and sometimes it’s not recommended on overly porous or damaged hair. Before you make your decision, be sure to book a consultation with your XEX stylist to ensure that the Keratin treatment is right for you.

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