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Why choose Aveda makeup?

February 18, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Inspiration, Our Favorites, Stylists Picks


XEX is proud to be an Aveda Concepts Salon. We love Aveda products for their look and quality. We also love them for the ingredients used to create them.

Did you know that you absorb up to 60% of the makeup you use on your skin? Many store-bought makeups include ingredients that have been linked to skin allergies, cancer, infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems, and learning disabilities. Below are some of these ingredients.

  • Benzoyal Peroxide
  • DEA (Diethanolamine)
  • MEA (Monoethanolamine)
  • TEA (Triethanolamine)
  • Dioxin
  • DMDM Hydantoin & Urea (Imidazolidinyl)
  • FD&C Color and Pigments
  • Parabens (Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl)
  • PEG (Polyethylene glycol)
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol PG & Butylene Glycol
  • Triclosan

All Aveda makeup is derived from plants, not petroleum or animal by-products. It is free of ingredients that may be harmful to your body, including those above. To learn more about the ingredients used in Aveda products, visit the FAQ on the Aveda web site.

If you have any questions about the makeup you use, contact XEX to set up a makeup consultation. We’d love to help you find the perfect, healthy makeup.

Credit: Maximum FX

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