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Trending Winter Hair Color Ideas for 2022

December 13, 2021 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair

Chicago gracefully stepping into December brings news styles and trends that emerge with the snow. Hairstyles from winter to summer tend to play off the cold weather and resemble more cool and dark tones. You’ll see people with long hair tending to go darker in the winter months to match the vibe of the weather and their peers. 

Welcome to Winter 2022, with December making its debut and showing us what trends are to emerge. With fewer restrictions than last year, people are out and about and again spending money on clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup trends and feeling like themselves again. People are also out and about, shipping for Christmas and participating in all the winter activities around. Catch a glimpse of the street style and what trends seem to be latching on to 2022.

Hair salons are starting to fill up faster than ever, so make sure you plan accordingly. As always, we encourage people to do whatever they want with their hair, but if you’re looking to be on the cutting edge with the trendiest hair, look no further. 


As mentioned above, the trends seem to change with the seasons, starting with color. Hair color can be hard to choose, especially if you are new to dyeing your hair or want to do it yourself. Although we recommend seeing a professional, a self dye can be a rejuvenating and freeing process. Dyeing your hair, in general, is an amazing form of creativity and self-expression, and the best part is it changes with the season! 

So if you’re considering dyeing your hair for the season, how do you choose? With winter around the corner, the easiest answer is people tend to go darker. The summer is a much more popular time to dye your hair lighter because time spent in the sun naturally lightens your hair. And it’s also popular with summer trends; people think of lighter colors and sunlight, bright toenail polish and beach waves that accompany the sun, and good weather. Summer hair colors are also accompanied by shorter, choppier haircuts, bangs, and other fun styles.

But, when winter comes, it becomes more common for people to go with dark hair because the sun and your hair isn’t out, and hair naturally gets darker. Since winter is here, it’s important to consider that. Pairing your dark look with longer layers and soft curls, the winter season is the time to lean into your femininity and roll with the punches.

This season, we see bold, cool colors like reds, greys, and ashy blacks and browns. Pair these colors with a short french bob, long layers, soft curls, or a modern shag. All the cool kids today have layers falling out of their ponytails in a chic, effortless kind of style. 


The trend emerging over the summer and fall and will continue to stay popular through the winter is shorter hair and even shorter layers. In the last few years, we’ve seen the style of the 70’s make a hard comeback, showing up in tons of clothing and accessories and decorating styles. It’s finally making its way to hair trends and emerging as a shag cut. 

According to, here are some upcoming hairstyles for Winter 2022. 

Pumpkin Spice Blonde: This style  “has very warm and rich tones but isn’t overly highlighted, either. It’s OK to look sun-bleached, but that look combined with the dryness in winter just doesn’t sync. So I’ve been reducing over-blonde ends and warming up dark root areas.” The end result is a pumpkin-y hue reminiscent of the season’s favorite latte flavor.” 

Deep Dark Roots: “Rich, auburn hues are at the forefront of fashion right now. Skin tends to be more dry and muted due to the lack of sunlight in the winter, so […] clients feel like they need something to brighten them up.” 

Classic and Curly Mullets: Would you believe the mullet is back in style? “Expect to see them in all different lengths, textures, and colors. One especially trendy take on the classic coiffeur is the curly mullet, or at least “an interpretation of it,” […] noting you’ll be seeing a hybrid between a mullet and shag.”

If nothing seems to fit your style, getting a trim and a fresh color, no matter what it is, can make you feel happy and healthy and ready to start a new season of your life.