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Tips for Keeping Your Hair Extensions Healthy During the Winter

January 23, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair

Chicago winters can be brutal on your hair. It can be even worse on hair extensions. Extensions don’t have the oil and moisture natural hair has, so they’re a bit harder to manager.

In general, pay extra attention to the washing and caring of your extensions during the winter months.

Here’s some other tips for keeping your extensions healthy during the winter:

Leave-In Conditioners

It can be hard to keep your hair extensions moisturized during the winter months. A leave-in conditioner can be a big help. Hair masks and hot oil treatments can help too. Try using them at least once a week. Be careful when using them not to get too close to the bonds of the extensions though to avoid slippage.

Minimize Heat

Heat can damage hair. If possible, steer clear of heat-styling tools. Try a diffuser. It’ll make the extensions easier to style without damaging it with heat.

Outdoor Hair Accessories

When going outside, wear a hat, scarf or hood to protect your hair from the elements. Silk or satin-lined accessories are the best. The need for hair protection is a great excuse to shop for a new hat or scarf!

Regular Trimmings

Even if you’re doing our best to keep your hair healthy over the winter, you’ll likely see some split ends and breakage in your natural hair. Be sure to get your natural hair trimmed before installing extensions. It’ll help to ensure that your natural hair blends well with the extensions.

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7 Responses to “Tips for Keeping Your Hair Extensions Healthy During the Winter”

  1. Milagros marrero says:

    A leave in conditioner can be a big help with extensions.

  2. Lauren says:

    Leave-in conditioners are good

  3. Elaine C. says:

    A leave-in conditioner , hair masks or hot oil treatments.

  4. Anastasia Porter says:

    leave in conditioner and or minimize heat

  5. Christian Porter says:

    Minimize heat, Regular trimmings, leave in conditioner

  6. Elena says:

    Leave-in conditioners are good, as are scarves and other head protectors.

  7. Anita says:

    Leave-in conditioners, regular trims, outdoor cold weather gear, minimize heat exposure