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Tips for Cutting Curly Hair

October 8, 2013 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair

Joan_Wartmann-4One of our favorite industry sources,, recently posted a great article with some tips for cutting curly hair. We wanted to share some of their advice, while reminding you that XEX has stylists who are experts at cutting hair of all types (including ethnic hair)!

  • Products should be applied before cutting to allow for time to settle into the hair
  • Curly hair shrinks a lot when it is wet, so cut as much of it as possible while it is dry.
  • Avoid excessive tension when cutting curly hair. Work with the curls!
  • Check the balance of the shape often when cutting curly hair. Make adjustments as necessary.

For more tips and a step by step guide, click here!

Hair by XEX Lead Stylist/Colorist John Harris.

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13 Responses to “Tips for Cutting Curly Hair”

  1. Carmen Mei says:


  2. Annemarie Puma says:


  3. Vince M says:


  4. Marilyn Jensen says:

    Before 🙂

  5. Angela says:

    before! 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    Before, so the product can settle in!

  7. Parker says:


  8. Shannon Johnson says:

    Apply product before cutting curly hair

  9. Elaine C. says:


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  13. Vivian Faria says:

    When cutting curly hair, should products be applied before or after? BEFORE.