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Thinking about going red?

February 8, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Our Favorites, Stylists Picks

redhair1Are you thinking about going red? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of women think about making the change. Red hair stands out from a crowd, but natural redheads come rare. Red hair is undeniably beautiful. When done incorrectly, it can also be a complete disaster. Before you make the change, check out these tips to help you decide whether or not going red is right for you.

Finding your Red

redhair2The first thing to understand about red is that not all reds are the same. Red hair comes with a variety of undertones. Take them into consideration when booking a color appointment with your stylist. Reds can range anywhere from shocking to soft and natural. Talk with your stylist about which reds will compliment your skin tone the most. Your stylist can help you pick out a swatch for the exact tone you’re looking for whether it be a fiery orange-red, a cooling blue-red or something in between. Consulting with your stylist is one of the most important steps to take when you think about going red.

Keeping your red bright and beautiful

redhair3If you’ve ever known anyone who has gone red, you might be aware at the upkeep it requires in order to stay bright and vibrant. It’s a lot more work than brunette or blonde to keep red looking pretty, but it is doable. With the proper maintenance, your red hair will last just as long as any other color.

Your stylist is the best person to talk to when it comes to the shampoo and other product you should use. It’s recommended that you wash your hair with cool water to help seal the color in. Then after the first wash, skipping a few will help keep the red in for longer.

The Big Picture

Red hair is stunning and makes everyone stand out from the crowd. Just keep in mind that red might be one of the most difficult colors to remove from the hair and can require multiple appointments with your stylist in order to remove.

Talk with your XEX stylist today to figure out if red is right for you.

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