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The Truth About Split Ends

April 20, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Stylists Picks

Split ends are no fun. They cause hair to look fuzzy, make strands of hair hard to style and cause hair to tangle. While we all know they’re a pain, do you really know what they are? Here’s some facts about split ends.

There are many different types of split ends

Hair can split in a lot of different ways. Names like “feather”, “tree”, “Double Y”, “Baby”, “Primary”, “Long”, “Taper”, “Triple”, “Incomplete” and “Deep” are given to the different types of split ends. The names are used to describe the way the hair splits. Unfortunately, no one type is better than another.

Split Ends can make hair weak and keep it from growing long

Because split ends split the hair strand, they cause it to become weak. Weak hair doesn’t grow as well as healthy hair. If you don’t cut split ends soon after they happen, they’ll move up the strand and continue to weaken the hair more.

Split Ends can’t be cured

Although some products claim that they can fix or cure split ends, it’s not possible. Some products are able to temporarily hold the end together, but it isn’t possible to actually rejoin the end of the strand.

Regular cuts can help

If you’re prone to split ends, getting regular trims will help to keep your hair healthy. You don’t necessarily need to cut much of your hair each time. A short trim should do the trick.

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