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Shada Tucker Front Desk Concierge

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About Shada

I am a front desk concierge at XEX Salon. I am proudly responsible for great customer service, whether I’m answering the phone, assisting clients with booking services, or checking out clients. I enjoy being a part of the salon because I am here to make everyone look beautiful inside and out. Despite not being a cosmetologist myself, I enjoy learning from our stylists more each day. The “before-and-after” that I see our stylists create is inspiring. On top of it all, I get to meet and learn about people from across the world because our clientele is so diverse.

When I am not working at XEX, I find myself volunteering at the CPS school I used to work at, catching up on my shows, and doing my daily duties. Before working at XEX, I spent four years at O’Hare Airport working for Terminal Getaway Spa and Brookstone. I was a front desk receptionist at the spa and assistant manager of Brookstone. I enjoy helping people look and feel confident. My passion is to make everyone happy.

I graduated from Devry University with my associate degree in HIT (Healthcare Information Technology). I spent many years trying to figure what I wanted to do. I always found myself back working as a receptionist. My calling is to give great customer service and represent the salon. I enjoy doing this daily.

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