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Illisa Green

Ilisa Green Nail Technician

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Ilisa was first licensed in California as a Nail Technician.  She moved back to Chicago to be with family and friends while maintaining her Illinois license and certification.  Ilisa completed her professional training at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.  She and her sister launched Green’s Nails and Massage which thrived for over 25 years in the Chicago Theather District.

Ilisa’s hand and nail care have appeared on Pam Grier’s nails as the Dust Witch in the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes, a Victor Skrebneski shoot for his international coutourier photography in Town and Country Magazine and an on-location manicure on Jennifer Aniston  for ELLE cover.

Now in a private room in XEX Salon, Ilisa looks at the hands and feet as a whole and cultivates an ideal look that gives the cuticles and nail plate their health back.  She offers the always popular no-chip manicure.  If you want to create The Perfect Ten, ask her about Gel Nail Enhancements for longer and stronger nails.   Whether your next appointment is for necessary care or for pure fun, book with Ilisa today.

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