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Styling Hair at Home: For Men

August 10, 2016 · Posted in: Blog, Hair

Mens Hair Styling TipsEvery salon and barbershop you walk into is different in some way, but they have one thing in common. They all know how to style your hair. Let’s face it, styling our hair at home is okay, but it never seems to come out exactly the way our barber styles it. Some guys won’t let anyone except their barber touch their hair (even themselves). This means they just let it do whatever it wants to until their next visit.

Styling your hair at home is a great way to get to know your own hair and help your barber out a little more. The upkeep in styling and grooming makes your haircuts that much better.

Don’t cut it yourself

We all know the struggle: getting ready for work, a big interview, a date, and we haven’t found the time to get in to see our stylist. It’s nothing, really, just a few hairs out of line. At this point, we’re all tempted to grab those shears we have tucked away in the bathroom drawer and fix it ourselves. Don’t do it! Cutting it yourself, even if it’s just a little here and there, is just going to make it harder for your barber to cut it and style it right. Leave the scissor-cutting to professionals.

Invest in a good trimmer

I know we just told you to not cut your own hair, but having a pair of handy trimmers won’t hurt. Trimmers are easier to cut with yourself than scissors, and you’re less likely to make a huge mistake with them. Lining up your sideburns and neck can be an easy thing to do at home. Buy a good, versatile set of trimmers and a high-quality comb. Talk to your barber or stylist and get their opinion on the best trimmers.

When in doubt, just trim the neck

One of the first things to get overgrown in between haircuts is your neckline. If you can, ask another person to help you line up. If not, then get a good mirror. If you take your non-dominant hand and place it on your hairline, you should be able to see where your barber lined you up last time. Go slow and be careful! To go the extra mile, take a towel with some essential oils dropped on it. Then, place it in a bowl, add some boiling water, wait for it to cool, and you have a hot towel treatment after your touch-up.


When it comes to actually styling your hair, it’s all about the products you use. Everyone’s hair is different, so you shouldn’t be using the same products your old college roommate used on his hair. Instead, stop in and talk to your stylist. If there’s anyone who knows your hair more than you do it’s your stylist.

Once you’ve determined which products suit you best, it’s time to style. After you leave the shower, dry your hair slightly but not all the way. You want your hair to be a little damp before you add product. Then, add the product and comb your hair to the direction of your choosing. Investing in a blow dryer will help add that extra volume you need to avoid your hair flattening out. Once you’ve got the look you’re going for, spray with a light hairspray, and you’re finished!

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