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Spring 2015 Men’s Hairstyle Trends

March 19, 2015 · Posted in: Blog, Hair, Inspiration, Stylists Picks

Mens Spring Hairstyles

Spring is officially here tomorrow, March 20! Spring hairstyles for men are not too drastically different from the trends we saw this winter. Below are some of our top picks for men’s hairstyles this spring.

Short Undercuts

Undercuts have been popular for a couple of years now. They don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Short undercuts with the hair longer on top gives you some options for styling your hair. Slicked back hair on top with a tight undercut is a great, classic look that’ll look great this spring.

Texture and Waves

Embrace your natural texture and waves. If your hair has natural texture or curls, let it grow out a bit to allow your hair to have some volume.

Grow it out!

Medium-length and longer hair is in right now. While it may be hard to stand the warmer weather with longer hair, it’ll look good!

Top Knots and Hairbands

With the rise in popularity of longer hair for men, we’re also seeing guys tying their hair back into knots. This look works well with guys who have beards. Similarly, hairbands have become popular. We saw a lot of hairbands at last year’s World Cup. They seem to have been influential. Hairbands are great when you’re heading to the gym or want a casual look when you’re out with friends.

Not sure which look would work best for you this summer? Schedule an appointment with your favorite XEX stylist. We’d love to help you decide on your spring hairstyle!

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