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Reasons Why Hair Stops Growing

February 20, 2014 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Inspiration

Have you been trying to grow out your hair to transition from a short style? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your hair hasn’t been growing as fast as you remember.

There are many reasons why hair takes longer to grow or stops growing. Below are a few of them.


Some people just can’t grow long hair. Everyone has a hair growth cycle. There is a phase in the cycle where your hair has the potential to get the longest. Even if you let your hair grow forever, it would stop growing eventually (usually sometime between two and six years).


Hair becomes weaker as we get older. Your hair growth phase also often shortens as you get older. While your hair may have been able to grow for three years before, it may only be able to grow for one. After around age 45 your scalp also starts to produce less oil. Less oil can cause hair to be more prone to damage and breakage.


We didn’t make this one up to convince you to visit XEX more often. If you’re trying to grow your hair longer, regular trims will help. Trimming off the split ends and getting a hair mask or nourishing treatment can help the growth process.


If your diet is low in iron, vitamin B12, and protein, it will effect your hair’s health and ability to grow. Check out our blog post from last November for some other diet tips.

Credit: Beauty High

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11 Responses to “Reasons Why Hair Stops Growing”

  1. rebeca vazquez says:


  2. Katy Nielsen says:

    Age, unfortunately 🙂

  3. Amy Hughes says:


  4. Mandy B. says:

    receiving chemotherapy

  5. Brooke says:

    Maintenance- you must continue to trim off split ends and damaged hair in order to continue healthy hair growth!

  6. Nathan Wickler says:

    Genes / Age

  7. Jennifer says:

    Genes, Diet, Age and Maintenance

  8. Shirley J. says:

    Genes, age, maintenance and diet

  9. Elaine C. says:


  10. Christie Serritella says:

    Age is one reason.

  11. Natalie C. says:

    Definately your diet and not eating right.