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Protect Your Color!

April 26, 2016 · Posted in: Blog, Hair, Stylists Picks

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Coloring your hair is great! Whether you are covering up your roots or going all out for a non-traditional color, you feel like a new person right when you leave the salon. It’s important to take extra care of your hair when you decide to color it. There are special precautions you should take to keep color vibrant and lasting until your next appointment.

Opt for Sulfate-Free Shampoo

It’s important to change out your regular shampoo with something gentler on your hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are great for color. Sulfates are known to strip color and moisture from your hair, leaving you looking dull and dry. Aveda’s Color Conserve line has the perfect shampoo to help keep you looking fresh. Make sure you’re washing your hair in cool water. Hot water tends to strip the color out faster while cool water helps seal it in.

Stay away from alcohol-based styling products

This is a hard one, but will help your hair in the long run. Alcohol based products speed up the fading process, especially in the summertime when the sunlight is more direct. There are plenty of products out there that are alcohol-free since so many people change their hair color, so switching shouldn’t be difficult. On the plus side, products that contain alcohol can make your hair feel brittle, so taking a break from them will soften your locks.

Give color deposits a shot

There are tons of products that are specialized to help keep the color vibrant. Color deposit products are designed for individual hair colors. They have pigment inside that helps create a color stain on your hair to keep it looking fresh. Aveda carries conditioners as well as shampoos from Blue Malva for ashy blondes to Black Malva for the darkest of blacks.

Protect those locks!

Summer is great for being outside, going swimming or just hanging at the beach. Unfortunately, it’s not so great when it comes to your hair. Investing in a conditioner with SPF in it will help your locks from sun-bleaching the color away. If you’re going to swim in a pool, saturate your hair with clean water and SPF conditioner before you go in to prevent the chlorine from tampering with the vibrancy and hue. Healthy hair is the key to keep it looking bright and fresh. Using a mask once a week will help seal in the dye and bring life and shine.

Glaze it!

If you want ultimate protection, make an appointment with your stylist for a clear glaze. A glaze is just a clear deposit that brings shine back into your hair without actually adding any color. Try scheduling a glaze appointment between your initial color appointment and your retouch appointment to prevent your hair from looking dull while you wait until your next session!

Talk to your XEX stylist the next time you stop by about great products and services to protect your hair color!

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  1. Evelyn Bronson says:

    Aveda’s Color Conserve line will help conserve hair color. And with a great XEX haircut you’ll have no more worries.

  2. Kathy Riedel says:

    Color Conserve

  3. Teresa Cuevas says:

    Aveda’s Color Conserve

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    Color Conserve