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Protect Your Scalp! Summer Hair Guide for Men

May 18, 2017 · Posted in: Beauty, Hair, Inspiration, Salon News, Stylists Picks

It’s already the end of May and the temperature outside is feeling warm! With warm weather come more outdoor activities like camping and trips to the beach. Warm weather also indicates that the sun is closer to the Earth which means more damaging UV rays hitting your scalp. It’s easy to forget to pay attention to your head when you’re taking care of skin protection. Here are some tips to help keep your scalp healthy this summer!

Do a Daily Cleansing

We all know the summer is hot. We also know that heat makes us sweat in order to cool down. Well, our scalp sweats just as much which is why it’s important to shampoo it every day in the summer. Sweat not only is filled with toxins your body wants to get rid of, but it’s also jam packed with salt that dries out the skin. Aveda’s Men’s Pure Performance shampoo is gentle and helps remove all this dirt from your follicles. If you find that you need a little bit more help removing dirt, Pure Performance also carries an exfoliating shampoo to help really scrub away any dirt without over drying your head. Finding a good shampoo and conditioner duo is vital for your scalp health. It’s important to invest in products that won’t damage or dry out your hair and skin. A clean and moisturized scalp will also help fight again hair loss and thinning.

After Shower Care

Once you’re all done with shampooing and conditioning your hair, the routine shouldn’t stop there. An important part of your after-shower routine should be to oil your hair (yes, oil). Even though your scalp produces plenty of sweat and oil during the summer, it’s also excreting salt and other toxins your body sheds while sweating. Shampoo helps get rid of all this, but also leaves your hair feeling dry. Oil helps add moisture to your hair, leaving it shiny and moisturized. Aveda’s Dry Remedy Oil is an amazing go-to for summer since it’s not only moisturizing, but also light enough to avoid clogging up your hair follicles and having your hair feel unwashed.

Outdoor Protection

If you’re planning a day in the sun, on the beach or elsewhere, you should make sure you have plenty of sunscreen. Not only is sunscreen important for your skin, but it’s just as important for your scalp. Sunscreen can be applied onto the scalp and hair to protect from painful sunburn. Your doctor can help determine the SPF that’s right for you, but you should always wear some sort of sun protection if you’re planning a day outside. If you feel like sunscreen isn’t enough, a hat is another alternative for protecting your scalp. Make sure that your hair is not too tight because this can cause unwanted tension at the root which can lead to breakage and fallout.
For those of us who plan on hitting the pool this summer, make sure you’re protecting yourself from the chlorine. Chlorine is not only damaging to your hair, but it also damages your scalp and contributes to dryness. To help, a swim cap will protect your head against the chlorine. If you’re not too keen on wearing a cap, Aveda’s After Care Cleaning shampoo is here to help. Wash your hair after the pool with this shampoo and pair it with Aveda’s After Care Masque to help rinse any chlorine from your hair and add extra moisture to your scalp.

Go see your Stylist!

Another great way to help your hair and scalp look and feel its best is to get regular cuts. Cutting your hair short for summer is great because the shorter the hair, the more your scalp will be able to breath as air flows through. Another thing to avoid is chemicals. Color, relaxers or any other service that involves chemicals can dry the hair in the summer; however, this can be the last thing you switch up.

Your stylist will be able to help you determine which products to purchase, what routine to follow and what cut you should get to ensure that your hair and scalp are healthy, shiny and moisturized during the hottest time of the year. The summer is a wonderful time, especially for outdoor activities. It shouldn’t be wasted on sunburnt scalp and damaged hair. Protect your head and let your hair flow in the wind this Summer.

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