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Perm Care

September 30, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Stylists Picks

permsFashion repeats itself. If you look at almost any magazine from the past three months, you’ll see a slew of 90s fashions making their comeback all over the cover. Little do you realize, fashion has as much to do with hair as it does apparel. This time, the comeback is perms. Yes, you read that right. Whether its tight spirals or loose, beachy waves, the trend of sleek hair is out and more kinky styles are in. So, the question remains: how do I take care of permed hair?

Take a Day (or Two)

The first day or two after getting a perm, it’s crucial that you stray away from your shampoo and conditioner. As tough as it may be, washing your hair within two days (or longer, depending on the care tips your XEX Stylist has given) sacrifices the longevity of your perm and may even take away some of the spring in the curls. Unfortunately, there are no cutting corners with this rule. Perms will last six to eight weeks if you take care of it correctly, so avoiding a wash for a few days is very important.

Put the heat away

Having curly hair all of the time may seem fun, but I do understand that sometimes we need a change for a day. While blow-drying, straightening and even curling may seem harmless, it actually can ruin your perm if done too often. When heat styled, perms will eventually lose their shape, leaving the rest of your hair frizzy and multi-textured. It’s okay to heat style it for a special occasion, but try not to do it too often.


This cannot be stressed enough: it is vital for your hair and the perm to be conditioned regularly. Hair gets dry and brittle naturally with styling and chemical treatments, but curls are by far the worse when it comes to staying soft and healthy. Investing in a good conditioner and weekly deep conditioning treatment will do wonders for your tresses. Aveda’s Be Curly line and Dry Remedy line are perfect for keeping your hair soft and moisturized. Aveda’s Be Curly line also has a a co-wash that will remove any excess oil and product from your hair. It is gentler than shampoo- which makes it perfect for perms! If you’re concerned about getting a perm with color-treated hair, just book an appointment for a bi-weekly hot oil treatment to help ensure the integrity of your curls.

Don’t wait for a Trim

Getting your ends trimmed regularly is also vital for keeping your perm in the best shape. As time goes, so does the shape of the hair. Without regular trims, you’ll often find spots that are too frizzy and out of control. This is because as the ends get damaged, you sacrifice your curl pattern, allowing some of the hair to frizz out or fall flat. Booking an appointment with your XEX Stylist will help make sure that you don’t lose shape.

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3 Responses to “Perm Care”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Wash your hair/use shampoo or conditioner for at least 2 days after a perm.

  2. Kathleen Harrington says:

    Do not shampoo or condition your hair for a few days after a perm.

  3. Anita says:

    it’s crucial that you stray away from your shampoo and conditioner!