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Natural Hair: Will Washing it More Often Lead to Faster Growth?

February 22, 2016 · Posted in: Blog, Hair, Inspiration


Growing long, beautiful natural hair is an adventure all on its own.For every girl who has taken the quest, they usually have developed their own method for growing out those kinky locks from styling to washing. There are some women that wash once a week to even twice a month. Some of them swear that the less frequently you wash your hair, the more it will grow.

For anyone familiar with YouTube beauty gurus – especially the ones who focus on natural beauty- then you might recognize Whitney AKA Naptural85‘s theory that she finalized when she took the plunge into going from a dramatic chop to long, healthy tresses.

The Theory

Whitney believed that the reason straight hair seems to grow a lot quicker than curly hair was because of how often women with straight hair wash it.

A well-known tip for hair growth is massaging your scalp once or twice a day to stimulate your growth. Well, when you shampoo, you’re stimulating that growth as you scrub and lather it into your roots. It also depends on how often you’re washing. The longer you wait to wash your hair, the drier your ends will become. Dry hair breaks off easily, so when you wash it, your hair locks in moisture to ensure your ends stay healthy. Washing your hair is also great for getting rid of that product build-up, which can stunt the growth of your hair.

If you’re afraid to wash your curls every day because you know shampoos tend to dry it out and cause frizz, then use a co-wash. Co-washes are great for keeping your hair clean and getting rid of all of that product that has built up without drying out your curls.  Aveda’s Be Curly Co-wash is a wonderful product for those in between days.


The Execution

How Often?

Try washing your hair every three days alternating between a co-wash and regular shampoo.

What do I use After I Wash?

The LOC method is said to be one of the best ways to maintain moisture. LOC stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream. Using this method will ensure that you bring back the moisture you lost from washing.

How Should I Style my Hair?

To keep your ends from curling into one another and preventing those nasty knots, wear your hair in twists and twist outs. Whitney states to keep away from the wash and go method of styling because it will lead to knotty ends.

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