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Making the Most of your Hair Appointment at XEX

April 3, 2014 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Inspiration, Stylists Picks

Chicago Hair Stylists

XEX stylists are always looking for ways to help you. We work hard every day to stay on top of the latest hair and color trends. We make it a goal to provide each client with a look that suites their taste and lifestyle, while providing suggestions for new hairstyles to try.

If you’d like to make the most out of your appointment with us, below are some suggestions. A little bit of prep on your part will help us to serve you to the best of our ability. You’ll receive the best results possible and we’ll appreciate your help.

Bring Photos to Your Appointment

While we have magazines with lots of style and color suggestions, if you see a style you like bring a photo of it in with you. Clip the photo from a magazine, bring the whole magazine or save the photo on your phone. If you don’t find the perfect style in a photo, you can bring in multiple photos and tell us the bangs, layers, colors, etc. you like from each.

Looking Great Takes Some Work

No haircut is “wash and wear”. While some styles are easier to manage than others, if you want a great looking hair style it will take some effort. Be mindful of the amount of time you have to get ready each morning when deciding what style you’d like to go with.

For color appointments, Come with Clean and Dry Hair

Color absorbs better with clean hair. Dirty hair is harder for color to cut through.

Bangs Are Possible.

Some clients are afraid of bangs and think they can’t pull them off. Bangs can be very flattering and have many different styles. We can help you find the right bangs for you!

Some Styles Look Better on Different People

If you fall in love with the hair style of a celebrity or someone in a magazine, look to see if your face shape and hair type are similar. The perfect hair style may not be perfect for everyone. If your stylist suggests a slight variation on a style you like, it is to help make the style look as good as possible on you.

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13 Responses to “Making the Most of your Hair Appointment at XEX”

  1. Liang says:

    Clean hair absorbs dye better

  2. Arielle Hatsios says:

    Clean hair!

  3. rebeca vazquez says:


  4. Ayush Goyal says:

    Color absorbs better with clean hair. Dirty hair is harder for color to cut through.

  5. Aviva Bollinger says:

    Color absorbs better with clean hair.

  6. Hui Tan says:

    Clean hair

  7. Nathan Wickler says:

    clean hair

  8. Phyllis Ende says:

    Clean hair, just makes sense

  9. Sarah says:

    Clean hair absorbs color better

  10. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    Clean hair takes dye better

  11. Lauren says:

    Clean hair is better for absorbing color

  12. Linda says:

    Color absorbs better with clean hair.

  13. Laura says:

    Clean hair all the way, although I have to admit mine is usually dirty when I get to my appointment. ;/