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How To Do Your Make-up While Wearing a Mask

September 17, 2020 · Posted in: Salon News

Makeup Wearing MaskSince wearing a mask has now become mandatory in most places, people are trying to figure out how to style it and accessorize with it, just like anything else we wear on our face. New trends are developing, including colored or sequined masks, masks with faces on them, and accessories that make wearing a mask easier. People are adapting their styles and utilizing the coverage a mask provides to update their morning routine- including how their makeup is done.

With half of your face being covered, figuring out what to do with your makeup while wearing a mask can be annoying. But people are finding out how to make it work and look good while doing it.


Foundation can be the hardest element of your makeup routine to get right, mask or no mask. When it comes to color, blending, and contouring, there is room to go wrong at every turn. If you enjoy having a full coverage foundation applied to your face, your mask will look quite stained by the end of the day. But wearing a mask also provides you with an opportunity to switch up your routine and try something lighter, and being able to skip the nose and cheek contour. There are many options for a simple foundation look that can provide the same effect as a full coverage foundation.

The easiest alternative to your usual makeup routine is to use a BB cream. BB creams are light, tinted creams that are often mixed with sunscreen and lotion. This provides a full-coverage effect differently, by protecting your face from the outdoor sun (while your mask protects you from germs!).

Another easy option is a simple concealer and powder combo. Concealer is used to conceal blemishes and color-correct your skin and can be used in small amounts with a mask to erase your under-eye bags and leave you looking fresh. Whether you avoid using concealer around your nose and mouth or not, it can be set with a powder for a long-lasting matte finish. It should be safe to wear under your mask without being rubbed off by the fabric and can get you the even skin tone you seek from a full coverage foundation without having to use the same amount of product.


Masks don’t cause many issues for most people, but lipstick wearers are still grieving all the reds and purples they won’t get to wear this coming winter season. Still, there are ways to care for and protect your lips that might not be as stylish but are healthy and safe alternatives to piling on the colors.

Winter always approaches quicker than we expect, and while the masks we will be wearing might keep our mouths warm, it won’t keep them healthy. This winter, for everyone (including lipstick wearers) chapsticks and lip balms will be your best friend. We recommend purchasing a chapstick without a lot of coloring and scent, but if you prefer something like that making sure it is all-natural. This is going around your mouth, after all! Unfortunately, lipsticks may not make a comeback for a few years, but it gives you plenty of time to stockpile all your favorite colors before next season.


If you’re skipping the contour this season, adding a little blush or bronzer to your routine can bring your face up to the glam level you were seeking without caking on the foundation and baking your face.

While your cheeks can be mostly covered by the masks, even the slight addition of blush and bronzer can enhance a masked look. The main star of the show when it comes to what to do with your cheeks is highlighter. A pink, silver, or gold highlighter added to your upper cheeks can bring a glow to your face that can’t be achieved any other way. You will still look and feel ready to go, even with half your face covered.


To make up for the lack of makeup options for the lower half of your face, decking out your eyes is the perfect way to adjust. Mascara can add to any look but is especially important when your eyes convey all of your expressions. Mascara opens your eyes up and brightens your face overall. A tip if you’re a just mascara kind of person, add a little white eye shadow to the corner of your eyes. Mascara makes your eyes appear bigger and your face brighter.

Speaking of eye shadow, wearing it while masked is the perfect trick to fool people into thinking you are glammed out when you’re just wearing powder and chapstick underneath.

Wearing a mask doesn’t have to ruin your look; with the right products for your face, stepping out in your favorite glam look is something that 2020 hasn’t ruined.