Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola

smoothing treatment

keratin complex express blow out by Coppola – $132
This express version of the popular Smoothing Therapy is a great alternative to the original. You will receive the same great results in a less time-consuming treatment.

All features of the original Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy also apply to the Express Blow Out except that you can get your hair wet 8 hours after treatment instead of 72 hours. Approximate processing time is only 1 hour. The Express Blow Out treatment lasts up to 6 weeks.

keratin complex smoothing therapy by Coppola – $297/first hour. $77 each additional 30 min.
This new revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 100% of the frizz and curl from the hair. The advanced patent-pending formulation restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the cuticle. The keratin is bonded into the cuticle by heat of the flat iron to relax the hair’s sub-cuticle layer. The hair is left soft, shiny and incredibly luxurious. The hair is more manageable and takes much less time to style.

The hair can be treated directly after permanent color, semi-permanent or highlights. The treatment will extend the life and seal color in, leaving it vibrant. For demi-closs or toners, have color done 3-5 days after treatment for optimal results.

You must wait 72 hours before hair can get wet when receiving the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. If the hair gets wet within this time period, blow the hair dry and flat iron with medium to low heat immediately.

Keratin Care Shampoo and Conditioner (Sodium-Chloride Free) or Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner (Sodium-Chloride and Sulfate Free) must be used for XEX to guarantee the procedure. The treatment can be done as often as 4-6 weeks. Re-application should be done on the entire head as the build-up of keratin can only improve, not harm, the hair.

Approximate processing time is 3 hours. Lasts 5-6 months.