John Harris Biography

John Harris Biography

John Harris is a lead stylist at XEX Hair Gallery, one of the most popular salons in the Chicago Loop. Originally from Negril, Jamaica, John has been a full-time stylist for eight years. His experience at several high-end salons prepared him for the lead stylist position at the busy XEX.

“My philosophy on hair is that it should represent the individual. No matter what type of hair you have you should be able to love it, take care of it and have it look great. Hair is timeless. There are endless styles and trends. I help people find their style edge and take it with them everywhere, including their workplace.”

John’s clients are his focus. He specializes in ethnic hair care, both natural and chemically treated. He says, “The best compliment I receive is when a client continues to come back or when they tell me how beautiful they feel.” He also strides to be a consistent stylist, always providing his clients with impressive styles.

Style and fashion have been engrained in John since he was young. “I recently saw a photo of my mother from 1976. I was blown away. She was wearing a black mini skirt, six inch heals, and a Chanel tweed jacket. Her eyes were smokey-winged and her hair was beautiful and big.” John remembers doing hair in his kitchen growing up in Jamaica and Brooklyn, NY. “This is what I wanted since I was a child. I love what I do.”

When not behind the chair, John loves playing soccer, martial arts and spending time at the gym. He is also a kid at heart. “You can often find me at a comic book store (credit larae). I love anime and animation.” Cooking, writing poetry and spending time on the lakefront are also some of his favorite pass times.

At XEX, John has found two mentors in owners Gary Mattiazzi and David Perry. They have helped him become an exceptional stylist. “My passion for hair gets stronger every day,” John says, “At XEX I am able to polish my skill with great mentors and training. I feel I can only continue to grow and hope to become a great mentor and inspiration to other young stylists who have the drive and passion.”

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