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How to Maintain Your Balayage Hair Color

February 28, 2024 · Posted in: Salon News
Keratin Treatment on Long Black Hair

There is no better feeling than walking out of a salon with your new do, feeling like you can take on the world. With your new color, you might be worried about upkeep, how fast it will fade, and what it might fade into when it does. No one can predict how the hair will act once dyed, but leave it to the professionals to give you a pretty good idea of what it might look like in 4, 6, 8 months, and beyond. So, what is the best way to maintain your balayage? Check out our suggestions and advice on easy at-home maintenance that can keep your hair looking as fresh as the hour you leave the salon.

What is Balayage, and Why Do People Get it? 

The Balayage technique is an easy way to lighten your hair without compromising your natural color. Balayage is painted brighter around the face and done mostly on the body of your hair while blending your roots. The hand-painted process guarantees a naturally lightened look without any chunkiness and is the reason many people choose this process. Your stylist will even confirm that growing this out should be no problem. Keeping your hair looking good and healthy is their main goal. 

Most often used without foils, Balayage breaks the mold on how traditional hairdressers learned to lighten hair and produces a naturally multi-tonal look. But be careful; Balayage is sometimes used in conjunction with bleach and, depending on the desired color, finished with a toner. Bleach strips your hair of color and is used to help the lightning process, while toner brings in ashy tones and controls the actual color your hair will end up being. This can be the tough part of upkeep, as tone will fade over time, leaving your hair looking less fresh and more filled with warm and golden tones. If you love the ashy finish that a balayage and a toner bring, keeping the color will be vital to its longevity. 

Balayage is a commitment. For a successful Balayage session, salons usually recommend a consultation before booking an appointment so your colorist can assess your hair and decide what method will be the best to lighten it while keeping the look as natural as possible. You also need to factor in if you will want or need additional appointments for upkeep or if you will maintain your new hair at home. 

How to Keep Your Balayage Fresh

Regular Haircuts 

Something little that goes a long way is regularly cutting your hair. Not only are you able to get rid of all the dead ends the winds might create and bring some life back to your hair, but you can also refresh your looks and help them grow. Every few months, cutting off at least an inch can promote hair growth and help it grow faster and healthier while maintaining the distribution of color a balayage provides. 

Deep Conditioning Treatments 

Deep conditioning treatments are designed to penetrate and nourish the hair from the inside out. People love these particularly because they are useful for those with dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair, and they help to restore moisture and strengthen. Especially after using dye and sometimes toner and bleach to get your desired balayage look, you might need to follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment to ensure the health of your hair. 

You can purchase deep conditioning treatments in the form of hair masks or leave-in conditioners, and to use, apply the treatment to your hair, cover it with a shower cap, and leave for at least 20 minutes before rinsing. Your salon also provides excellent options for treatments; make sure to ask your stylist while visiting!

Showering with Cold Water 

We know that it seems insane to take anything but a warm shower, but water is incredibly important to the health of your hair. Cold water has tons of benefits to keep your hair healthy and maintain your balayage. Hot water can easily strip away the colors used in the salon, while cold water cannot penetrate as deeply, leaving the color as fresh as the day you got it done. 

Use the Right Products 

Using the right products might be the most key part of flawlessly upkeeping your balayage. Most important start with investing in a good shampoo and conditioner. Buying a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made to wash and condition colored hair will be protective and nourishing. Make sure you check out the bottle and ensure there are no sulfates and that all ingredients react safely to your hair. You can also invest in protectant sprays, color-enhancing products, and just general deep conditioner and moisturizing treatments.