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How to Care for Extensions During the Winter

November 3, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Extensions, Hair

ChicagoHairInspiration31Believe it or not, the winter isn’t too far away. It’s starting to get colder in Chicago, which means dry air and snow will be here soon. If you’re not sure if the winter is a good time for extensions, fear not. Having extensions during the winter months is definitely doable. You’ll just want to make sure you’re maintaining your extensions properly. Below are some tips.

Maintain Moisture

Extensions lack the natural oils your hair has. The winter air is dry, so extensions can become weak and brittle. Shampoo your hair less often to retain moisture, but condition it more often to keep it healthy. A hair mask or deep conditioning treatment should be used at least once a week on both your natural hair and your extensions.

Protect Your Extensions

Keep your hair and extensions protected from the cold air and snow with a scarf or hat. Try to avoid cotton, as it can rub against your hair and cause frizz. Satin or silk are more gentle and will keep your hair healthier. Also, don’t go outside while your hair is still wet. Your hair might freeze, resulting in breakage.

Reduce The Amount of Heat Styling

Heat styling dries out your hair and extensions. During the winter, you’re trying to keep your hair moisturized, so heated styling should be kept to a minimum. Let your hair air dry after a shower. If you must use heat to style your hair, try using a diffuser or heat tools with ceramic plates.

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9 Responses to “How to Care for Extensions During the Winter”

  1. Lauren says:

    Satin or silk are better than cotton for protecting hair extensions during the winter

  2. Elena says:

    Satin or silk is gentler on hair.

  3. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    Silk or satin are better

  4. Anne Paganini says:

    Materials that are better choices than cotton for hats & scarves are satin & silk since they’re more gentle on extensions.

  5. Angela Kadey says:

    Satin and silk are the best scarf materials for your hair extensions in the winter. They prevent frizz (cotton) and will keep the extensions healthier!?

  6. Bill C says:

    Satin or silk would be better for the hair.

  7. Tim Steinmetz says:

    The answer is silk or satin. Said the bald man. 🙂

  8. Char says:

    Satin or silk!

  9. Tina M. says:

    ~ Satin or Silk ~