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How Do You Choose the Right Hair Color?

August 6, 2021 · Posted in: Salon News

Hair Color ChicagoEver want to do something with your hair but don’t know what? With so many options, it can be confusing where to start. Especially if you got creative during quarantine and think you may have tried it all! Switching up the basics and coloring your hair a new color can make you feel like a whole other person. When you’ve been a blonde your entire life and dye it brunette or black, you will feel like a new person. But how do you choose? With varying factors to help influence your decision, we put together this easy-to-follow guide for what color to dye your hair next. 


Depending on what season is coming, certain trends go with each season, which might influence the decision on what color to dye your hair and cut to pair. For example, the summer is a much more popular time to dye your hair lighter because time spent in the sun naturally lightens your hair. And it’s also popular with summer trends; people think of lighter colors and sunlight, bright toenail polish and beach waves that accompany the sun, and good weather. Summer hair colors are also accompanied by shorter, choppier haircuts, bangs, and other fun styles.

When winter comes around, it becomes more common for people to go with dark hair because the sun and heat are not out, and hair naturally gets darker. If winter or fall is right around the corner, it’s important to consider what colors and trends are coming into style for the season and let it help make your decision on dyeing your hair even easier. Pairing your dark look with longer layers and soft curls, the fall and winter seasons are a time to lean into your femininity and roll with the punches. 


Let’s be real; what kind of mood you are in and what is happening in your life can greatly affect how you want your outside appearance to look. In quarantine, people were cutting and dyeing their hair crazy cuts and colors because of the uncertainty of the times (and everyone working from home) but now that the world is opened up again, the cuts are growing out and maybe it’s time for a more chill style. Going with highlights or a balayage can bring somebody and color into your hair without going too crazy. 

But if you’re feeling up for it, go wild. Hairdressers can dye your hair anything you imagine– but dyeing your hair with fun colors can come with a price. If you have naturally dark hair, it has to be bleached and dyed to get it a fun color. Bleach will ruin your color and must be grown out because it won’t go back to normal on its own. Also, if you work in a corporate environment, sometimes it still feels taboo to rock a crazy hair color. But I think we can all agree– do you. 


Something to consider that may make an impact on your decision is what life events are coming up that you would want to look a certain way for. Corporate pictures? Your sister’s wedding? A Ball?! We don’t know what you’re invited to but keeping in my future events can help guide you to the best hair color. 


If you need some ideas, here is a range of the most trendy colors, what they’re called, and how to ask your stylist for them, according to – 

Platinum Blonde 

“the lightest of all the blond shades. It has a white/yellow base, but you’ll need to work closely with your colorist to make sure you’re a good candidate.”

Champagne Blonde

“Champagne blond is exactly as you’d imagine—it’s got the slightest hint of rosé, which is almost undetectable, except for when the light hits it just right. This shade works exceptionally well on those with fair skin and light eyes”

Dirty Blonde 

“With a darker base than beige blond, dirty blond has similar facets: caramel and golden highlights against a deep blond or brond hue.”


“Auburn leans more toward brown than strawberry red locks. It’s quite versatile, too, in that it works well with both fair [..] and olive skin tones”

Light/natural brown

“Light natural brown […] has a bit of ash to tone down the golden hues. It’s a neutral color, so it works well with all skin tones.”

Dark Brown

 Dark Brown has “rich brown hues” and “a shimmer of a cocoa bean or an espresso feel. This hue is striking on olive/golden skin tones and dark eyes”


Easy to know why black hair is still popular. Classic, powerful energy, and a truly iconic look. But be careful; you can’t go back after dyeing your hair black. 

Whether you go with something classic, or something new, just remember to be true to yourself, and you can’t go wrong! And above all else, choose a good stylist!