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How Aveda Is Leading the Way in Sustainable Beauty

July 2, 2024 · Posted in: Salon News

In the realm of beauty products and consumer standards, sustainable beauty has emerged at the forefront of importance for people who buy products. People like you and me! As an Aveda salon, the products used on your hair come with a certain guarantee. This is not just a guarantee of a sustainable brand but also a brand that has done so much in and for the beauty and hair industry. Aveda was built on principles of environmental responsibility and holistic beauty. The name alone is a beacon of trust that is portrayed to its clients – with their story just as interesting as the guarantee. 

Roots of Nature and Ethical Sourcing 

The top-to-bottom promise comes with Aveda’s commitment to sustainability – starting with the ingredients. Aveda is known for its commitment to using naturally derived ingredients for your hair, ensuring that the health of your hair is a priority of every treatment and service. Aveda’s website says, “ In 2020, we made the critical decision to become 100% vegan, thereby removing all animal products and by-products from our formulas. Now and forever, all of our formulas are free of ingredients like beeswax and honey, relying instead on high-performing alternatives.” They are also Leaping Bunny certified, promising “the most coveted and rigorous cruelty-free beauty certification available. It is attained through Cruelty-Free International, the leading organization to end animal experimentation on a global scale”. 

The company also utilizes sustainability at every stage, from responsibly sourcing ingredients and using eco-friendly packaging for all their products.

Its tagline is “The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences,” Aveda makes quite a statement about how its products are made and what it wants the world to see and know. Their products are ethically made and sourced AND better for your hair. According to, “Aveda products are botanical — they do not contain synthetic ingredients, artificial colors or artificial fragrance. Not only does this make Aveda a more environmentally responsible choice, but it also is better for your hair. Hair color can be harsh and drying, but Aveda hair color is plant-based, so rather than damage your hair, it actually makes it shinier and healthier”. If there were ever a reason to trust the Aveda name, it’s for the sake and health of your hair. 

Sustainable Packaging 

With the incredible ingredients found in Aveda products, the brand wasn’t going to stop there. Plastic and disposable, one-time-use products are a hot topic in the beauty community, sparking debate over the ethics and consumption of single-use beauty products. Aveda is committed to environmental leadership and responsibility by creating their products with suppliers that are “held to social, ethical and environmental metrics” according to their website, and these suppliers are sourced by Aveda, promising they come from “meaningful, on-the-ground programs that protect and enhance their environmental and social ecosystems”. 

They also boast minimal packaging with maximal recycling possibilities. 

  • Reduction of “ the size, weight, and production processes of packaging whenever possible
  •  […] Packaging that can be widely recycled whenever possible
  • Use as much recycled content/PCR as commercially possible without affecting the efficacy of the product
  •  Challenge suppliers to innovate their packaging using a sustainability lens”

Commitment to Renewable Energy And Philanthropy 

Outside of the products, Aveds also extends its commitment to sustainability across all steps of its process. They are known for their investments in renewable energy sources, which are getting bigger and bigger each year. Solar and wind power help them create products and run their factories, and they reduce their carbon footprint more and more each year. Doing this mitigates their impact on the environment and sets an example for the wider beauty community and industry. You can care a lot about your products, where they come from, and their impact and still be a successful, reputable, and well-known company. 

Aveda also cares for the world by donating to clean water foundations and choosing their supplies and partnerships carefully to maximize philanthropy. Their philosophy on clean water and their partnerships tells that they have been committed since 1999, raising over 71M for “partner groups, providing clean water for over 1.5 million people in need, and protecting thousands of watersheds in communities around the world.[…] Every cent raised and donated to charity: water during our campaign goes directly to clean water projects. Clean water changes everything: The lives of individuals, their communities, and, in turn, the world”. By using Aveda products, you can ensure the quality is shown in their products and their contribution to the world. 

Avedas journey to suitability and ethical responsibility can be a case study and a light in the dark for consumers who want to know what chemicals are or are not being used on their hair. With an Aveda salon comes a promise of natural ingredients, helping your hair be healthier and shiner than ever. As consumers prioritize sustainability, Aveda is continually a name and a brand people know and trust.