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Highlights: Dos and Don’ts

December 18, 2013 · Posted in: Blog, Hair, Inspiration, Our Favorites, Stylists Picks

Highlights are one of the most popular services here at XEX. They can bring out your face’s bone structure and add the perfect touch to your hair style.

Below are some dos and don’ts for highlights.

Do: Frame Your Face

Ask your XEX colorist to frame your face. The brightest and fattest highlights should be around the frame of the face. They should be darker and more sparse at the root, with lighter highlights at the tip. The idea is to highlight your hair as if it were naturally lightened by the sun.

Do: Take Care of Them

Highlights can maintain their great look much longer if they’re taken care of. Aveda’s Color Conserve collection is great for hair with highlights.

Do: Adjust with the Seasons

For the winter, deeper tones are best. The sun is further away from the earth in the winter, so it casts a bluer light. The deeper tones work best. In the winter, the sun casts a more yellow light so brighter and paler shades work great.

Don’t: Use a Lot of Colors

Unless you’re going for a really extreme look, keep your highlights to three shades or less. They will look more natural.

Don’t: Go Out in the Sun Unprotected

This step is easy in the winter in Chicago! Wear a hat or scarf in the sun so it doesn’t fade your color.

Don’t: Do it Yourself

Trust your colorist at XEX. Highlights require a technical and creative skill to ensure they are consistent with your style. We’re here to help you make sure your highlights are exactly as they should be.

Source: Style Noted, Daily Makeover

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6 Responses to “Highlights: Dos and Don’ts”

  1. Debbie says:

    What will make your hair healthy: I can’t believe beer isn’t on your list! So, eat salmon.

  2. Sue Michmerhuizen says:

    Aveda’s Color Conserve is great for caring for highlights!

  3. GG Mansour says:

    Aveda Color Conserve

  4. Tina McCarty says:

    Aveda’s Color Conserve

  5. Etta McKenna says:

    Aveda’s Color Conserve

  6. Dean Briscoe says:

    Aveda‚Äôs Color Conserve collection is great for hair with highlights. Having Highlights I’ll have to get me some.