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Healthy 2014 Resolution Ideas!

December 30, 2013 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Inspiration

We are one day away from the end of 2013. With the new year comes many resolutions. We thought this would be a great time to encourage you to make some healthy beauty resolutions this year. Here are a few suggestions.

Go green with your products!

At XEX, we think it’s important that your hair and beauty products contain only good stuff. We’re pleased to carry the entire Aveda product line and work to ensure that all products sold at XEX are healthy. Whether you buy all of your products at XEX or not, here are some things to avoid if you’re looking to go green with your products:


They’re used as a preservative in products. Studies show a link to breast cancer. They are a hormonally active endocrine disruptor.

Pthalates Found in nail polish, hair spray and some other products, phthalates are reported to cause damage to your liver, kidneys, nerves and reproductive organs.

Talc: Found in face power, eye shadow, talcum powder and some baby powder, reports link it to ovarian cancer.

Cut the stress!

Stress is bad in many ways, one being your beauty and wellbeing. Try yoga, meditation or other stress-reducing exercises. You’ll be amazed how much better you look when you’re not stressed!

Eat good, look good!

We talked about how food effects your hair in a blog post earlier this month. Check it out for some suggestions on healthy food options.

Be brave.

Don’t be afraid to try a dramatic hair change this year. Changing your look can often bring added confidence, joy and energy. Your XEX stylist is always here to help!

Happy 2014 from your friends at XEX!


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3 Responses to “Healthy 2014 Resolution Ideas!”

  1. Tina McCarty says:

    Eat Good, Look Good! I live in the burbs so would be close to this Catch 35 😉

  2. Alissa Robinson says:

    Cut the stress! I love doing yoga to relax and feel good:)

  3. sheila mabry says:

    Be Brave!