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Hair Myths We’ve all Believed True

July 27, 2017 · Posted in: Beauty, Hair

Hair MythsMyths are all around us. Since we were children, we’ve been told things like if you shave the hair on your arms, it will grow back thicker. If you haven’t heard that exact one, it’s more than likely that you’ve probably heard of plenty of other myths. Myths about hair have been around forever, and it’s time to sit back and look at the most common ones thought to be true.

Myth: Washing your Hair Daily is Essential

Bottom Line: Not True

Sure, it sounds like a good idea to scrub your hair with shampoo every day, but it’s actually doing a lot more harm than good. Each time we shampoo, our natural oils are stripped from our hair. If you are shampooing every day, then you’re not allowing those oils to rejuvenate and condition your strands- which help fight against brittle ends.

What if your hair gets greasy, is it okay then?

If you have naturally oily hair, you can wash it more frequently than those who don’t, but you still shouldn’t use shampoo daily. Instead, invest in a co-wash to get rid of dirt and products without removing the oils that keep your hair shiny and healthy. Aveda’s BeCurly line has a co-wash that works wonders. Even if you don’t have curly hair, you can still use a co-wash to help clean your scalp without stripping your hair.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Dye your Hair when Expecting

Bottom Line: Not True – Unless your Doctor says otherwise

It’s a long, ongoing myth that pregnant women should not get their hair colored. It’s a common concern that the fumes from the chemicals will harm you or your baby. Today, a lot of dyes are not harmful to your health like hair dyes back in the day. There are even dyes out there that are gentler than their counterparts- such as Aveda’s color line. It’s presumably safe to go get your hair done while you’re expecting. If you do have any concern, you should always check with your doctor beforehand. Although it’s safe, you want to make sure that your doctor doesn’t see any issues.

Myth: Regular Trims will make your hair grow faster

Bottom Line: Not true

First thing’s first, you should always go in for a regular trim to keep your hair looking in top shape; However, they will not make your hair grow any quicker. Hair growth starts at the root, not your ends. As your ends get damaged and split, they can leave the bottom of your hair looking scarce and uneven. This will also make your hair appear thinner than it really is. Your splits can travel up your hair strand and cause breakage through your mid-shaft as well as your ends. This is why scheduling regular trims help! Not only can they get rid or reduce your split ends, but trims also help your hair look fuller and healthy.

Even though trims won’t speed up the rate of your hair growth, they do encourage healthy strands to keep your hair strong and your ends fresh.

Myth: Brushing your hair with 100 strokes daily will promote longer, healthier hair

Bottom Line: Not True

While brushing your hair is important to remove knots and tangles, you don’t have to worry about counting every stroke. The more often you brush your hair- beyond what is required- the more you run the risk of more damage and breakage. You should only brush your hair when you’re styling it and leave it alone. When you brush, you can pull the strands from the follicle and weaken the strands that are on your head. You should also never brush your hair when wet. Hair is weaker which can lead to more breakage if handled roughly. Use a wide-tooth comb or a brush made for wet hair (like the Wet Brush) to help distribute products and allow your hair to dry naturally- or style it with a blow-dryer.

There are different brushes out there and each one caters to a specific hair type. If you aren’t sure that you’re using the right brush, ask your stylist. They’ll be able to help you choose a brush for each of your styling needs.

Myth: If you pluck a gray, two more will take its place

Bottom Line: Not True

Grays grow and, depending on your lifestyle and family genetics, they’ll grow despite what you try to do to stop them; however, plucking them will not make more come. It’s a common misconception that when you pluck a gray hair, more will come in its place. Plucking your gray hair will not cause this, but might cause bigger problems like scars, infection in the hair follicle and balding in that area. Having gray hair comes naturally, so it’s good not to stress about it. You can talk to your stylist about your concerns and look into some coloring appointments to color them in the future, but they’ll agree- never pluck your grays!

There’s a ton of misinformation out in the world. The best thing to do when you’re not sure of something is to ask an expert. When it comes to your hair, your hairstylist is the best person to consult with- especially when it comes to myths and old wives’ tales.

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6 Responses to “Hair Myths We’ve all Believed True”

  1. Milagros marrero says:

    No regular trims don’t make your hair grow faster

  2. Luke Panasyuk says:

    False, regular trims don’t make your hair grow faster.

  3. Daisy says:

    No, getting regular hair trims will not help your hair grow quicker.

  4. Etta McKenna says:

    False – regular trims do not make hair grow faster.

  5. Susan Akers says:

    No, regular trims do not make your hair grow faster.

  6. Olivia Bator says:

    No, regular trims don’t make hair grow faster!