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Hair Colors and Trends for 2024

December 21, 2023 · Posted in: Salon News

Chicago barreling into December brings new styles and trends that emerge with the snow and cold weather. Fall and Winter bring out the best in trends and fashion, hair colors, and styles. Hairstyles from winter to summer tend to play off the weather and resemble cooler and darker tones. Welcome to 2024; people are out and about spending money on clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup trends and gearing up for the festive Holiday season to look their best moving on to the New Year. Catch a glimpse of the street style and what trends seem to be latching on to 2024.

Hair salons are filling up faster than ever, with change and resurgence on everyone’s minds. If you want to start the new year fresh, plan accordingly. As always, we encourage people to do whatever they want with their hair, but if you want to be on the cutting edge with the trendiest hair, look no further. 

Trends in Color for 2024 

Eclectic Pastels 

Pastel shades have remained a popular choice for the past few years and have continued to be a popular and unique style choice. In 2024, we are elevating the trend, adding unconventional hues or stacking colors like a rainbow. This season, The most popular colors are starting to emerge as purple and green, with varying shades and intensity. This style allows for the perfect personalized touch to complement however you wear it. 

Face-Framing Highlights 

AKA the money pieces. These are becoming more and more popular because contrasts in hairstyles have gained traction over the last few years. Want a way to stand out without having pastel hair? Try some strategically placed highlights to give you more dimension and contrast without overwhelming maintenance. With a darker color on the rest of your head, the highlights will provide a pop of dimension and color and make you go from basic to cutting edge. 

Root Shadowing

The upgrade from the balayage that took over our lives for a few years, a root shadow is the perfect blend of techniques, allowing you to keep your natural roots and have them seamlessly fade into your color of choice. It creates dimension and allows for a soft transition between colors, allowing you to go longer between touch-ups. Most blondes have root shadowing done so their roots can grow out between each visit, saving everyone time and money! 

Metallic Accents

Take advantage of the cold winter hues and clothing trends of late 2023 and early 2024 by following the millennium silver and chrome statement colors. These are unique and futuristic trends that bring an edge to your look. The most popular hues for hair in this theme are silver, platinum, and chrome. You can add ashy tones to most hair colors if you don’t want to take the plunge, but going full platinum would be a statement none of your friends are expecting! 

Subtle Red Accents

Red has become once again the color of the season. And you may be thinking, “Doesn’t red come back every year?”. During the holidays, red is in full swing once again as a popular color of celebration, but this year, it’s back in a different way, being used as a pop of color to elevate any look. And what better way to elevate your look than with your hair? Red and burgundy tones add warmth and depth to hair colors, offering a sophisticated and trendy twist.  

Color-Blocked Sections

This can sometimes feel similar to money pieces or face-framing highlights but think… extra and intentional. Colorblocking sections are a bold trend that can take your hair from basic to cutting edge. This trend shows people incorporating vivid blocks of color to contrasting hair, even adding multiple colors at a time or choosing black and white and other colors that will make each other pop. This look is playful and daring, ensuring you turn heads when walking down the street. 

Retro Revival 

With vintage trends and styles taking hold of fashion and accessories, it’s no surprise that retro hairstyles have started to make a comeback as well. The short French bob, the shoulder blunt cut with flipped-up ends, and the deep moody colors like chocolate brown, espresso tones, and dark sultry and grungy styles are all back in style as we channel our inner 90s kid. Bring back your emo or retro era with a blast from the past hairstyle or color. 


More than anything, the trend of 2024 is to be yourself. However you want to express yourself, however you want to customize your individuality and your style is seen as the trendiest of all. If you wear it, you pull it off. Colorists are amazing at tailoring exactly to your style and what you want, so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Everyone’s style, hair texture, skin tones, and personal expression differ. Let your instinct lead the way,