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Hair Color & Skin Tone: Finding the Perfect Match

October 17, 2012 · Posted in: Blog, Hair, Inspiration

At XEX, we love it when our clients bring in pictures from magazines or websites to show us what hair style you like. One factor that plays heavily into making a perfect style work for you is determining the appropriate color for your skin tone. Your hair color, along with the color of your eyes, are important elements in completing your perfect look.

Our look falls into two main categories, cool or warm. Cool colors will absorb light, while warm colors will reflect it. Clients with blue, gray-blue, hazel or dark brown eyes with dark warm brown, medium ashy, dark blonde or salt and pepper hair are “cool”. Skin tones for these individuals are often pale or pale/pink, medium with pink to medium with golden undertones, olive, bronze brown and dark brown in color.

If you fall into the “cool” category, it’s best to stay away from warm colors like reddish-golds, copper blonde, etc. These colors will not likely look strong with your skin tone and may make you look a bit washed out. Your XEX hair stylist would be more likely to recommend shades of cool browns with blue/violet tones to better reflect your skin tone.

“Warm” individuals have warm golden brown, hazel with brown or blue/green to green eyes and a skin tone that is pale with peach or golden undertones or brown with pink or golden undertones. “Warm” individuals typically have golden blonde, strawberry blonde, red, dark brown with red or golden highlights, or a gray with a golden cast hair.

If you are a “warm” person, avoid cool colors like blue, white, ash and purple. Warm colors like golden/dark browns, rich auburn and red will work great with your skin tone and eye color.

At your next appointment at XEX Hair Salon, ask your stylist what color would work best with your skin tone and eye color!

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