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Fun & Funky Fashion Hair Color Ideas For 2022

January 19, 2022 · Posted in: Salon News
Side profile of model with deep blue hair and bright green highlights in the front.

A new year has come and gone and left everyone feeling like they need change. And what better way to easily change up your day-to-day life than by dyeing your hair? 2022 is predicted to have crazier trends than ever before. With social media at the forefront of new trends, it’s easy to get lost in what was popular last year. Here’s a quick list of hair color trends in 2022, making it easy to change up our identity and start fresh this new year. 

Tik Tok Trends 

When mentioning trends in the new year, we would be remiss if we didn’t touch on the subject of TikTok. Many street fashions and current Gen Z trends that have emerged from the popular social media app are at the forefront of what will be fresh and hot this year. A few come to mind as the ones that gained the most popularity – and if you want to be on the edge of cool, check these out. 

Cruella Hair 

According to Vogue, this is one of the hottest trends from the second half of 2021 that will follow us into 2022. Cruella hair is  “A popular colour choice keeping one color the hair light blonde and the other half black or dark brunette, but plenty of people are also trying pink, blue, red, orange, and subtle pastels, which fade nicely.”  The best part about this trend is that you can easily accomplish this at home as you only need to color a small amount of hair and go as extreme as you want. 

Lavender and other pastels

A simple solution to a complex problem, an all-over color like lavender and other pastels is trendy, all over social media, and the statement hair you deserve. says a “TikToker blended two […] Semi Permanent Hair ColSemi-Permanent], to create this vibrant lavender hue.” Now the video has gone viral. If you want it done the most healthy way for your hair, we recommend visiting a salon so you don’t ruin or damage your hair.

Ombre and Streaks 

Did you hear that right? Ombre hair is back? Yes and no. Yes, if you’re adding some kind of cool dimensional color to blonde or brunette hair. Even streaky highlights of cool colors are in, as long as you don’t try to bring everything from the early 2000’s back. 


Instead of going from lighter brown to darker brown and vise versa with ombre, try going from brown to blue, pink, or orange. Try accenting your natural color with an unnatural color. Ombre is the perfect vehicle to add color to your hair without dyeing everything. says “Just because you want to keep your roots dark does not mean you have to stick to boring black or brown for your blue ombre look. In fact, purple and blue hair is a fantastic idea, as the contrasting colors complement each other. Show off your roots with a cute mini bun”. 

Highlights or streaks 

The early 2000s are coming back with a vengeance with the reemergence of thick streaks and highlights. But upgrade it for a 2022 version, and instead of heavy blonde streaks, go for something a little more refined and trendy, like a cool midnight blue or pink and purple. calls the trend, “instead of light, sun-kissed strands, as conjured up by the balayage technique, we rely on thick, block-like strands! These can be distributed throughout the top hair or only adorn the front areas. The so-called “Money Piece Hair” frames your face very nicely and gives you an exciting look that is not only done quickly but also cheaply at the hairdresser.”

Something Bright, Fun, and Fierce

The best trends that are emerging in 2022 are the bright, risk-taking hairstyles that trends of the past could only dare to compete against. Take a risk this year and dye your hair whatever color you want. Do you, as they say. Here are a few fun and outrageous ideas for a fun and fierce look. 

  • Colorful Frosted Tips – A play on the 90’s classic for short hair wearers, take the irony of frosted tips to a new level with an incredible highlight job. Frosted tips in red or orange will make you stand out and look one of a kind. 
  • Rainbow hair – if you’re someone who can’t decide what to do with your hair but want a change, why not get all of the colors? Rainbow hair is more popular than ever; whether a display of pride or a display of indecisiveness, you won’t regret seeing all the colors on your hair daily. Good luck!