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Finding a Hair Colorist for Unconventional Colors: Brights and Pastels

March 26, 2024 · Posted in: Salon News
Woman looking sideways and down showing off blonde highlights

With the Spring slowly rolling in, everyone dreams about all the spring and summer outfits they can start to wear – bring out the dresses and shorts! Many people are also starting to plan their next trip to the salon, including what to do to their hair to end its dry Winter rut and bring it into the Spring with a bang. One of the most popular trends is bright colors and pastels. With the ‘normal’ hair colors being neutrals like black, brown, and blonde – adding a bright color or a pastel to your hair will make you stand out and bring you into the Springtime with a new confidence and look. 

Finding the perfect colorist for your hair transformation can be a challenging process if you need help knowing where to start. XEX is the perfect place to start your hair journey – specializing in fun, trendy, and unconventional hair colors and transformations. 

Hair Colorist Techniques 

To understand where to start on your hair journey, you first need to understand the techniques and what kind of appointment you need to get to your desired end result. Here are some of the most common and popular hair coloring techniques: 

Balayage and Ombre: 

The Balayage technique is an easy way to lighten your hair without compromising your natural color. It is painted brighter around the face and done mostly on the body of your hair while blending your roots. The hand-painted process guarantees a naturally lightened look without the chunkiness that highlights can sometimes produce. 

Hair Highlights: 

According to John Frida (a pinnacle brand in salon and haircare), highlights are “ created using aluminum foil to help saturate precise strands of hair from root to tip for a more intense lightening effect. In this technique, strands of hair are precisely sectioned out by weaving a pick through small subsections and wrapping the separated strands in aluminum foil. The effect? A more pronounced contrast between the lightened strands and your base color frames your face and adds a beautiful dimension to your mane. 

All Over Color: 

Exactly what you think it is, and the most dramatic change is an all-over color from root to tip dyeing your hair. These appointments can also include elements of highlights, ombre, and balayage to bring dimension to hair and get your desired look. Your colorist will expertly craft the technique that will be best for your hair. 

Root Smudging or Shadowing: 

The step up from the balayage that took over our lives for a few years, a root shadow is the perfect blend of techniques for those wanting a less drastic change. It allows you to keep your natural roots and have them seamlessly fade into your color of choice. It creates dimension and allows for a soft transition between colors, allowing you to go longer between touch-ups. 

Trendy Hair Colors

Pastels Hair Color

If you’re looking for a simple solution,  an all-over color in a fun pastel is fun and trendy. All over social media, this trend is the statement hair you deserve. If you want it done the most healthy way for your hair, we recommend visiting our salon so you don’t ruin or damage your hair. The stylists onsite will formulate a plan for the easiest and healthiest way you can get your desired result. With spring nearly here, pastel hair will set you up for a great season. 

Neons or Brights Hair Colors

Neon shades such as electric blue, bright pink, and fluorescent green can give you a look that will make you stand out. Mixing these colors with another technique can bring you a dimensional, multi-colored look that is bright, loud, and fun. 

Metallic Hair Colors: 

Silver, gold, rose, and copper are once again making a comeback in the world of hair colors. The almost sparkle-like effect these metallics give makes hair dyed in this style look fresh and nourished. These colors are glamorous and sophisticated, making them a popular and trendy choice. 

What to Look for in Your Stylist/Colorist

The most important part of your hair journey is finding the person to take it with. Here’s what we recommend looking for in your future colorist. 

Experience with Color and a Portfolio: Looking for a stylist with a proven track record of amazing colors can be a good place to start. Experience is crucial when it comes to providing a client with a good color. If they have a book of past clients or an Instagram page you can deep dive into, you might be able to confirm their style, how they work, and what their results look like. You can get some inspiration while you’re at it! 

Communication and Consultation: Effective communication is a huge pillar of an exceptional stylist – from initial contact through the end, making sure you and your stylist are on the same page will make sure the results meet everyone’s expectations. If your stylist offers a consult, that might also be a good way to find out if you and the stylist’s visions match up and if what you are looking for can be done. 

Commitment to Hair Health: Committing to healthy hair is a huge priority for hair stylists. You need to make sure you can trust your stylist to protect your hair for big changes and colors like pastels and brights. A skilled colorist will use the best products to ensure a healthy and happy head of hair.