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Fight the Breakage

September 14, 2017 · Posted in: Hair

Hair BreakageHair breaks. It’s the cold, hard truth. Sometimes hair breaks more than it should and this is a scary sight. For some of us, through the endurances of styling and natural powers, our hair is weaker than it we would like it to be resulting in loose hairs all over your house. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help strengthen your hair and put the brakes on hair loss beyond the natural growth cycle. Read on to discover how you can help build stronger, healthier hair.

You pay for what you get

When it comes to products, most of us opt for whatever is the most convenient. This usually means: what can I pick up from the store while I stop and get milk? Even though some products are much easier to find than others, it doesn’t always guarantee that they’re the same quality. Your stylist tells you about products for a reason: to help your hair. When it comes to dry, brittle hair, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you find your hair is weak or brittle, find a shampoo free of sulfates and full of protein. Your conditioner should be nourishing on the hair and help promote repair (like MoroccanOil’s Repair line).

Be careful. Too much of something isn’t always the answer. Once your hair feels healthier, you should switch out both your shampoo and conditioner for a product aimed to moisturize (like Aveda’s Dry remedy or MoroccainOil’s Hydration lines). This will help prevent any protein build up in your hair from too much use. A weekly deep conditioner can take place of your protein enriched products which should be applied once a week. There are numerous of conditioning masques for you to try, so don’t be afraid to consult with your stylist about which one might be the right choice for your hair.

Pay attention to how often you get your hair done

There’s nothing wrong with chemically changing your hair, unless you notice your hair is brittle. Chemicals such as hair color can weaken your hair. You don’t have to worry as much unless your hair is weaker than normal. For extremely damaged hair, these chemicals can break off the hair even more. Sometimes, it’s best to take it easy and lay off the chemical services for a bit. Instead, talk to your stylist about what you can do to help strengthen your hair again before you continue your regular color routine. Besides “over the counter” deep treatment masks, your salon probably offers more intensive treatments. Your stylist can help determine which is best for your hair and how often you should come back to get your hair back to a strong state. Make sure you’re going in for regular trims to chop off your split ends to prevent them from splitting all the way up the hair shaft and don’t forget: a stylist will never turn you away on a chemical service unless they fear for the integrity of your hair or your satisfaction, so listen to them.

Lay off the heat!

Some of us can’t go a day without heat styling our hair. It’s okay to style your hair with heat, but too much heat can be extremely damaging to your hair. This is especially true for those of us with dry, brittle hair. Not only will heat styling add more damage to your locks, but your hair can also burn and break off. If you feel like heat styling is the only way to reduce the frizz, try using a serum instead. Aveda’s Nourishing Styling Crème from their Smooth Infusion Line. Not only is this product designed to smooth, hydrate and keep away frizz; But, it’s also made for those of us who air dry our hair.

If you must use a heat styling tool, please always use a heat styling spray like MoroccanOil’s. These help create a barrier to keep heat from overly damaging your hair.

Every one’s hair is different and may require different products to keep it long and strong. For more tips on how to help your hair go from brittle and damaged to shiny and smooth, chat with your XEX Stylist at your next appointment. Remember, they’re the experts and know what they’re talking about. Remember, products can make or break your hair, so spending the extra money will benefit you in the long run.

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