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Fall/Winter Hair Color Recommendations

October 30, 2013 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Hair, Stylists Picks

It is easy to simply go lighter in the summer and darker in the winter, but recent trends and technologies are causing hair color trends to evolve. Many of the hottest looks are more drastic and adventurous than typical single process colors or highlights. Here are some great color options for this fall/winter season.

Chocolate Brown & Highlights

The dark tones are great for darker days and paler complexions. The softer look helps to soften facial features. With just a few highlights, your hair will have the right amount of pop for the season.

Mahogany Reds

A deeper red than what we saw this summer, mahogany is a great choice for the colder seasons.

Reverse Ombre

Go from light to dark instead of dark to light. For best results, use soft traditional toning and pick a shade that is 3-4 shades darker than your natural color.

Credit: Style Noted, Modern Salon

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4 Responses to “Fall/Winter Hair Color Recommendations”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Reverse Ombre

  2. Shannon JOhnson says:

    Reverse Ombre

  3. Elaine C. says:

    Reverse Ombre

  4. Tina McCarty says:

    It is called a Reverse Ombre 🙂