Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Are you looking for the highest quality tape-in hair extensions in Chicago? XEX is pleased to provide tape-in extensions as an option for our clients. Tape-in extensions are long lasting and can be applied in under an hour. They are a fantastic option for those with fine or thinning hair where fusion hair extensions may not be the best option.

Application of tape-in extensions is fairly easy. The adhesive weft tape-in extensions are made by putting together single strands of cuticle-intact human hair in small sections. It is connected at the top of the weft with adhesive tape. They are applied by adhering them on both sides of your natural hair in small sections. No heat or sewing is needed to apply tape-in extensions. The extensions sit flat on your head to give a seamless, natural look.

Reusing Tape-In Extensions

If you properly take care of your tape-in extensions and have regular maintenance appointments at XEX, your tape-in extensions can last 5-8 months. You will need to have maintenance appointments every six weeks so XEX’s Chicago extensions specialists can properly reapply the tape-in extensions and ensure they last as long as possible.

Tape-In Extensions for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be a stressful and difficult experience. Tape-in extensions are a great option for masking the effects of hair loss. Our tape-in hair extensions provide a full hair solution for thickening hair that is thinning. They are especially helpful at masking thinning hair at the top of the head. If you are experiencing thinning hair, schedule a free consultation with our extensions specialist to learn how tape-in extensions can benefit you.

Options for Tape-In Extensions

Micro Strands – If traditional tape-in tabs are not flawless enough for some sections of your hair, micro strands are a great option. They are designed to be undetectable in areas of your hair where traditional tabs don’t work as well. If you are using micro strands, we recommend removing and applying new strands every four weeks to maintain your desired look.

Pastel Packs – Pastels are really popular these days. If you want to enjoy fun pastels, you can do so easily with our pastel packs. They’re a great options for those who want to try pastels without coloring their natural hair. Our pastel packs are pre-blended with human hair and temperature-safe synthetic fibers.

Ombré Collection – Want the cool ombré look, but don’t want to worry about the maintenance that goes with having the ombré graduation in your natural hair? Our ombré collection of tape-in hair extensions is a great option. The ombré collection is available in two lengths and six dark to light shades.

Whether you’re looking to add length, body, color or mask thinning hair, tape-in extensions are a great option. We are pleased to be a downtown Chicago tape-in extensions salon and look forward to helping you achieve your perfect look.

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