Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair ExtensionsIt is easy for anyone to order what may seem to be virgin hair extensions online. Unfortunately, there are very few regulations on what manufacturers can say about their extensions. While you may think you are ordering virgin hair extensions, you may not be. Many of the most reputable virgin hair extensions manufacturers require a licensed cosmetologist to order. Because of this requirement, it is more beneficial for those seeking real virgin hair extensions to get them from a salon like XEX.

“Virgin hair” refers to 100% human hair that has not been chemically treated. At XEX, we provide only the highest quality virgin hair extensions. We don’t believe that cheaper options, like synthetic fibers, are high enough quality for our customers.

How do manufacturers collect virgin hair?

The collection process is simple. Hair is put into a ponytail, then a specific amount is cut from the person. It is then put into a bag for use as extensions. Virgin hair can be collected from any country in the world and all hair types are collected in the same manor.

Virgin hair is used for fusion hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions.

The difference between virgin hair and remy hair

While remy hair is technically human hair, it has been treated with chemicals. Virgin hair is not treated with any chemicals.

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