Hair Extensions Removal

Hair Extensions Removal

Hair Extensions RemovalXEX regularly performs hair extension removal for our Chicago extensions clients. Each type of hair extension requires a different removal technique. We highly recommend using one of our experienced Chicago extensions specialists to remove your extensions to minimize damage to your natural hair or hair loss.

Fusion Hair Extension and Tape-In Hair Extension Removal

A special bond remover is needed to remove fusion hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. After using the bond remover, our trained extensions specialists will complete the removal with a wide toothed comb. We will then use professional shampoo and conditioner to revive your natural hair.

Micro Bead Hair Extension Removal

We use a special type of pliers and ring remover to remove micro bead hair extensions when it is time to remove them. Your XEX extensions specialist will find and carefully remove each extension. The process can be somewhat time consuming, but it is worth it. If you try to yank out your extensions on your own, it can cause damage to your scalp.

Clip-In Hair Extension Removal

Clip-in extensions are designed to be temporary, so you’re able to remove them yourself. When you get your clip-in extensions at XEX, our extensions specialist will teach you the proper technique for removing and applying them.

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