New Talent Program

New Talent Program

Artistic Director: Gary Mattiazzi
Style Director: TJ Durcan

Purpose of our New Talent Program

At XEX, we believe that the right environment and the right educator will result in an environment where individuals can reach their full creative potential. All new assistants at XEX are required to participate in our New Talent Program (NTP), where we as educators provide you with the foundation necessary to become a creative and successful part of the XEX team. During the program you will focus on technique, precision, structure and becoming a team player. With all members of the XEX team sharing the same foundation and perspective, our goal of providing the highest quality of service in a relaxing and welcoming environment will consistently be reached.


As an XEX assistant, your duties will vary. What makes XEX unique is the infusion of diversity in clientele and services, which is not prevalent in most salons. This environment affords each individual assistant the opportunity to constantly learn and diversity. You will be provided the opportunity to be surrounded by stylists and colorists on the XEX team with different strengths and will be encouraged to hone your craft in haircuts, style, color and other techniques.

The assistant duties are a major part of how a salon operates smoothly on a daily basis. Learning how to become a team player is imperative. Other duties of an assistant include greeting clients, general customer service, prepping clients for service, performing hand massages, restocking and cleaning shelves, sweeping, laundry, keeping shampoo areas and stations clean, and occasionally shampooing and assisting senior stylists in finishing their clients.

Assistant Hours & Wages

The hours and working days will be discussed during the interview process. Once hired, wages and hours will vary depending on performance reviews and hire date. A full written review from the style director and color director from each training session will be submitted to and evaluated by the artistic director. These reviews will be the basis for determining an increase in hours and wages.

New Talent Program Goals

Our goal is to nurture individuals who have passion for our craft. We intend to inspire individuals to be positive and successful in their career and life. This program is organized to successfully educate and expand the capabilities of individuals with a true ambition to become a great stylist. It will not fail you if you have this ambition.

Program Duration

The length of time you will be required to be a part of the NTP will depend entirely on each individual. The more consistent, eager, focused and willing to learn that you are, the sooner you will graduate to stylist. The average time in the NTP is twelve months. Your performance reviews will be used to determine how long you will be a part of the program.

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