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Balayage vs. Highlights: Which is best for you?

May 16, 2022

When booking your spring or summer hair appointment, it can be difficult to know what you need and where to start. With so many different options depending on your hair type and the look you’re going for – start with what’s easy and move on to what’s hard. Some of the most common and accessible… Read More

Wedding Hair Style Guide: Trends & Styles 2022

April 11, 2022

With every new wedding season comes new hair trends that we see emerging. Your Pinterest board of your wedding from 2013 probably doesn’t look anything like what you’ve saved for your 2022 wedding. With the summer approaching quicker than anyone expected, the wedding season is almost upon us. With your outfit, all picked out, and… Read More

Fun & Funky Fashion Hair Color Ideas For 2022

January 19, 2022

A new year has come and gone and left everyone feeling like needing change. And what better way to easily change up your day-to-day life than by dyeing your hair? 2022 is predicted to have crazier trends than ever before. With social media at the forefront of new trends, it’s easy to get lost in… Read More

Help Us Help Others This Holiday Season

November 22, 2021

Those of you who have been XEX clients for a while may remember our annual holiday benefit parties. We have had over a dozen parties in the past, including large events at the Hard Rock Cafe and cut-a-thons at XEX. We also set aside a portion of proceeds each week to donate to those in… Read More

Skin Lotion

Our Favorite Products and Habits to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Winter

November 4, 2021

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and moisturized in the winter, the task is never easy. Especially for those in the midwest – the harsh winter winds and temperatures can easily damage our hands, feet, lips, and more. It seems we’re always looking for the next best thing to ease the pain of… Read More