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Showering: The Right Way

ShowerShowering is part of a healthy and fresh smelling lifestyle. Whether you shower every day or a couple times a week, we all shower at some point. It’s a great way to feel clean, open your pores and rid your skin of all the excess dirt and oil that gather throughout the day, but what if your shower habits are doing more harm than good? Most of us are showering the wrong way causing problems for our skin and our hair. Read on to figure out which habits you need to break.

Find the Right Temperature

If you notice that your skin feels dry and itchy, it may be the result of your shower. No, not the actual water, but the temperature of the water. Taking too hot of showers may feel relaxing, but the hot water is stripping your skin of its natural oils. This leaves nothing to moisturize your skin leaving it to dry out. Instead, try showering in lukewarm water. It may not feel as awesome as hot showers, but your skin will thank you. This is the perfect temperature to clean off any dirt and unwanted oils without stripping you of what naturally lubricates the skin.

Shampoo Correctly

If your hair feels dry as well, it could mean you’re not washing properly. It’s easy to take a bunch of shampoo and just slather it on your head, but in order to shampoo correctly, it’s important to make sure the product gets distributed evening throughout your hair. Using a quarter sized amount of shampoo, rub your hands together and then make sure your lather in the important areas: scalp, nape and roots. These areas are where oil and dirt collect. When it comes to how much shampoo, make sure you have enough to cover these areas, but not too much so that it lathers your ends because shampoo can strip the natural oils helping hydrate the tips of your hair. Another way you can prevent dry hair is to wash and rinse your hair in cooler water. It may not be pleasant switching from warm to cool water, but this will help seal your cuticle and lock in moisture.

You don’t have to leave your Conditioner in

After shampooing, it’s usually a habit to grab the conditioner and pile it all through the ends before you finish up your shower. Well, this may seem like the best way to help that conditioner soak in and moisturize, but since your hair is already full of water molecules, it’s not doing anything more than softening the cuticle (or outer layer). For conditioner, put it on last a few minutes before you’re about to jump out of the shower. If you have dry, course hair and are worried that this won’t give you the best results, invest in an oil to run through your hair after you towel dry and use a deep conditioner once a week to help hydrate in the hair shaft.

Choose the Right Body Wash

Your body wash can be equally as drying as hot water and shampoo. When you choose the wrong body wash, the soap in it can strip your skin of essential oils. For a wash that will clean you up and help hydrate you, choose a body wash that is a “cream” or “oil”. These tend to be gentler while still ridding you of the dirt and oil build up from the day. Aveda’s body washes are all designed to help maintain moisturized, soft skin while still having dirt fighting power.

Shave it for later!

When it comes to shaving your legs in the shower, this should be one of the last things you do. When you wait about five minutes before you shave your legs, you’ll notice a closer, smoother shave. This is because you’ve allowed the water to open up your pores and soften up the hair on your body for easy removal. Not waiting can lead to stubble still being present when you’re drying off.

Wash your Face out of the Shower

It may seem like a convenience to wash your face after you’ve washed your body, but this can be awful for you skin. Even showering with lukewarm water, the skin on your face is sensitive and needs even cooler water to avoid over-drying. To avoid rough, dry skin, wait to wash your face until you’re out of the shower. This way, you can adjust the water to a cooler setting without freezing everywhere else.

Lastly, Moisturize!

One of the most important things to remember to do immediately after you dry off is to moisturize your skin. Even when you follow these tips, showers can still be drying, so it’s important to get a good body cream like Aveda’s Stress Fix Body Crème and moisturize your skin. Once the cream has soaked in, you’re ready to start your day fresh and ready to go!

Following these tips will not only help your skin stay soft and healthy, but will also help any dry, itchy patches you may develop. A hot shower every once in a while won’t hurt, but every shower being a hot one will only result in dry skin. Happy Showering!

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Distress Yourself for Spring

It’s time to prepare for warm weather. For most of us, this means packing away our sweaters and trading them in for light jackets and t-shirts. This is also a time where we usually begin the process of spring cleaning – a time where we scrub our homes from the floor all the way to the ceiling. While we’re washing the baseboards and dusting the ceiling fan, we should be thinking about ourselves. When was the last time you took an hour from the day and spent it kicking back, relaxing and breathing? It doesn’t take long, but any moment we take to destress ourselves counts.

Mend your Ends

If you’re going to start from head to toe, like you do your home, then what better way then to begin with your hair? Your hair has been dried out by the winter air and could use a little extra moisture to give it some luster and shine. Depending on your hair type and the quality of your strands, there’s a hair masque for you. Aveda offers a masque for damage, dryness and even curls while MoroccanOil has hydrating, repairing and smoothing masques to fit your hair needs. Apply the masque after you shampoo, and put a cap on it. After a half hour (or longer), rinse out the masque and style as needed. If you’re unsure what type of masque to get, an XEX stylist is always here to help.

Reveal Radiant Skin

Your skin has also felt some of the dryness that the winter brings. During the winter, our skin loses radiance due to dry, dead skin cells sitting on the surface. Cleansing your skin is not enough to help get off that excess dullness. After you cleanse and tone, pick up an exfoliate (like Aveda’s BioKinetics Exfoliant) to help buff all of that away. Once you’ve managed to get rid of anything on the surface, it’s time to bring some hydration back into your face. Aveda carries a hydrating herbal face mask that’s perfect to help rejuvenate your complexion. Let the masque seep into your skin for 10-15 minutes (always read the directions printed on the container for any product) and then rinse and moisturize. To save time, apply the masque while you have your hair masque on.

Soak off Stress

You’ve also probably felt stressed, fatigued or a combination of the two at some point this winter. Well, it’s time to take you away from the world with a nice bath. Baths are great to soak your muscles, hydrate your skin and destress your mind allowing you to relax and drift away. To give yourself maximum relaxation, try out soaking salts or essential oils to add to your bath. Aveda’s Stress Fix line carries both of these products and equips them with a calming sensation of lavender which has been proven to reduce stress and relax you. Invest in a body scrub (like MorroccanOil’s Body Buff) to add to your cleanse. These work like face exfoliants with added lotions and oils to moisturize and exfoliate to help buff away surface cells.

Release your Mind

With life getting in the way, we sometimes forget about our psyche. While you’re revitalizing your skin or refreshing your locks, you should also clear and cleanse your mind. Allow yourself to close your eyes, relax, read a book or do something you love. This is your time for you to relieve stress and unwind yourself. Whether or not you can do this once a week or once a month, it’s important that we don’t forget to take care of ourselves. Any moment we have counts to create a healthy you inside and out.

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5 DIY Hair Tricks that Work!

Remember the old trick of using Kool-Aid to dye your hair in high school? While that was fun, it might not be the most practical and healthy thing to do with your hair. There are some do-it-yourself home hair tricks that do actually work though and aren’t harmful on your hair. Below are our five favorites.

Clean your hair with baking Soda and Water

If you’re noticing build up in your hair, create a paste with baking soda and water. Use the paste to wash your hair, then wash it out with apple cider vinegar. You’ll have naturally clean hair!

Lemon juice highlights

In the summer, use lemon juice to get subtle highlights. Simply squeeze a whole lemon into a dish, then dip a toothbrush into it and apply to your hair. Go out in the sun for 45 minutes or so. Keep doing this for a couple of weeks and the lemon juice will start lightening your hair color.

Dryer Sheets and Static

Dryer sheets really do help fight static. Simply rub one on your hair from the roots to the end to get rid of unwanted static. You can rub dryer sheets on your combs and brushes to get rid of static before it gets to your hair too.

Silk Pillowcases

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can actually help eliminate breakage and damage to your hair at night. If you toss and turn a lot while you sleep, try using a silk pillowcase to keep your hair healthy.

Chlorine Protection

If you’re planning on hitting the pool in the summer or on vacation, protect it from chlorine by getting your hair wet in a sink or shower, then saturating it in conditioner. Leave your hair wet, then have fun in the pool. Your hair will soak up the non-chlorine water and conditioner instead of the chlorine.

Credit: Beauty High.

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Tips for making your daily hair routine easier

Great hair can be tough to maintain sometimes, especially certain styles. Knowing some hair secrets can help you keep your hair looking awesome with a little less effort. Here are some good hair maintenance tops:

The Right Curls

Knowing what different curling techniques do will go a long way. If you’re going for Shirley Temple curls, wrap your hair around the curling wand flat without curling it. If you want defined, but loose curls, twist your hair before you wrap it around the wand. If you’re going for the Victoria Secret style waves, gently twist your hair as you wrap it around the wand.

Curl from the Middle

Your hair is healthier closer to the root, so it needs more heat to hold the style. Start curling from the middle of your hair and work towards the ends. The ends are more fragile and don’t need as much heat.

Cool Shower

Hot showers can feel awesome, but they strip your hair of essential oils. Use cool water, at least for part of your shower, to keep your hair healthier.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

Need to quickly add texture and volume? Aveda’s Pure Abundance Hair Potion is a quick and easy way to do so.

Flatten Frizz

If you’re hair is a little too frizzy, apply a little water and a touch of lotion to your hair with your hands. Put it in a French twist and leave it for ten minutes. Take your hair down and it will be smooth.

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